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WooHoo Wk 5 Run 3 done!!!

Well I've only gone and done it!! Woke really early today thinking about "The Run". Didn't leave home feeling too optimistic this morning but decided to set off and do my best and see where it took me! Was going well until 5 mins in when a friend ( who is super fit) run along side for a chat! I jogged and chatted for a minute then I had to politely say I couldn't run and hold a full conversation, I did not want to stop! The next bit of my run is an incline which takes me 5 full mins to jog and I knew I had to give it everything I had or the run was going to be a fail.I dug very deep and did it.

I think I'm still in a bit of shock as I've been worried about this run since week 1 as back then it really seemed so unachievable. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it you are capable of doing much more than you think you can!

Happy Easter to all !

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well done! what a great achievement and on a bank hol too!! that first 20 mins is a real milestone! :) definitely mind over matter!


Fantastic...thats a huge hurdle to get over, I had nightmares the week leading up to it as I never thought I'd manage it!!! Well done!


That's fantastic, well done! Its so good to get that one done.x


Many Thanks for your words of encouragement. Certainly does feel it was a huge hurdle to get over. Can't wait to complete week 9 and earn my graduate badge too!


Woweeeeeee! Well done in getting the 'dreaded' W5R3 over and done with. You are to be admired for not allowing your friend to disrupt your session. I am going to wish you lots of luck for week 6 but with a rider.....Treat it with respect and be aware that it's a lot tougher than it seems. You will need to go slow and steady and not get caught out by being back to intervals for the first two runs of that week.. It's do-able though and once it's out of the way it's straightforward thereafter. You are nearly two thirds of the way through now so not that long to go. Cheers and best wishes.

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Thanks Fitmo. Good advice, pacing has been an issue for me in the first couple of weeks. I have had to slow down to be able to complete the runs. Had to focus on, time running is more important than the speed/distance at the moment but hopefully better speed and distance will come as my fitness improves! Best wishes and good luck with your running!


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