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Week 8 run 2 - Motivation never higher!!

Well, I've now done week 8 run 2 on my second time through, and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed last nigth's run. I could quite happily have carried on for another couple of minutes, if Laura hadn't told me to slow down (I've NEVER managed to keep running after she tells me to stop - it's a psychological thing. Does anyone else find that??).

28 minutes solid, about 3.8K according to google afterwards, which isn't massively fast, but will do for me for now, and a good big upping of the pace for the last 60 secs, as Laura suggested, all left me with a massive smile on my face and really looking forward to going out again tomorrow. I really do find cold weather much much better for running in. I hope it doesn't get too hot to early this year!!

I pick up my new Garmin watch this afternoon. Really looking forward to the info and help that gives, especially once I've had to leave Laura behind (I'm going to miss her *sniff* :-( )

And on top of all that, just a few more runs, and I'll get a nice shiny green badge...!! This programme just keeps on giving! :-)

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Keep it up! It's such a good feeling when you can up the pace at the end! I'm wondering what running will be like when it warms up - I think I may prefer the cold too. Maybe we'll have to run in the dark! :)


Graduation is in sight! Well done! :-) Enjoy the new watch, we love our Garmins! Gayle


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