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Week 5 Run 2

For the first time in ages I woke up actually feeling somewhat motivated. So after milling around for a while and drinking a cup of tea with a rich tea, I took off for this run. The biggest problem was it being around 11am on a warm day, so the sun was beating down on me and it was far too hot, add to that I forgot to take my water bottle with me.

Still, I walked for five minutes and tried not to panic when Laura said it was time to start the 8 minute run. 8 minutes non stop?! that's the total time running in week 1 with a break every minute! And yet it was doable. There was a great level of thankfulness when Laura said halfway through that run tied with a dread at another four mintues before a break, but I got there.

Five minutes walking was a good amount of time because about 4 mintues into it my legs had stopped hurting and I felt all right, by the end of it I was ready for another run. Until I started running, the first few steps were horrible, but I got into a rhythm. After running a few mintues I told myelf there were still 7 minutes left, so I didn't think 'it's almost over' but rather 'i can keep going, it's okay,' and then she said 4 minutes left. Then finally a minute.

That last minute seemed to drag on but I kept going, stopping when Laura finally told me to. Then five minutes walking, and I got in only to find the house far too hot. I grabbed my water bottle and went to sit in the shade in the garden, feeling my whole body buzzing, the greatest feeling and biggest reward from a run. In the following 20 minutes I drank 500ml of water and ate a banana and now feel somewhat recovered and am going to take a shower.

*refusing to think about the next run*

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Well done on a great run


Well done & don't worry about r3 u will do it , you are prepared just believe in your self & the programme , & you will be celebrating end of wk 5 like many before you .


Well done! I've got the same next run to do tomorrow morning. Also not thinking about it, more because I'll have to get up really early to fit it in rather than the running time :-).


Good on you for completing the run. As Rockette says, don't worry about the next run, lost us have been there at the same stage and got through it. The work you've done up to now has prepared you for it.


Well done on a good run. You will be fine for the next run and well capable of achieving it. Good luck and best wishes.


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