Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 2 finished - err where did the previous 8 weeks go?!?

Haven't posted for a bit as I've been busy busy busy, but have still found time to carry on with couch 25k and have benefitted enormously from having a running partner with me. I'm now running the 28 minutes and have allowed Cyclemetre to measure my distance (curiosity got the better of me!) so, I'm covering a distance of 4.48 k in 28 minutes. I'm chuffed to bits with that. 8 weeks ago I was running for 90 seconds at a time - this whole course has been totally liberating and I'm BUZZING.

I still find the first 5 minutes the hardest (this seems a common occurrence reading the posts on here) so I'm trying to mentally bypass this first stage and concentrate on the next 23 minutes. Easier said than done!

Only 4 more runs left before I graduate. This is utterly unbelievable. Week 1 run 1 I felt like the new girl at school and the " graduates" were like the 6th formers. Here I am facing graduation myself now.

I've entered a Race for Life (5k) for late June when I will come back to the UK to see family. Really looking forward to that.

Having an experienced runner as a running buddy has really upped my game - I can highly recommend it.

Oh and I've list 5.2 kilos since I started couch 25k - a pleasing side effect!!

Keep going everyone. Whatever stage you're at, just keep going. Listen to Laura and you'll get there.

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well done, and thats a really good time too...well on track for your graduation run...good luck and enjoy your running!


Thanks - I never knew it, but I LOVE running! I'm wondering now, what else is there to be discovered "at my time of life!" (49, but probably less than half my life to go)


I know... I'm 43 and I can't help thinking I wish I'd found it in my20's but I thought runners were idiots then... But we still have alot of life left to run... I totally love it too...


Well done, you are just 24 hours behind me! Feels good doesn't it? I'm due to finish week 8 tomorrow and then Monday sees me start my week of graduation. We'll pretty much be graduating together at the end of next week. Good luck with your third run of this week, and best wishes.


It does feel good - it feels totally empowering. Good luck for your next 4 runs - that's all it is?! Yikes. Let's "meet up" this time next week for our graduation! lol


I think there are quite a few of us due to graduate around the same time. Cheers.


I know it's not all about speed and distance KK but it was interesting to see what my statistics were. And it gives me something to think about whilst I'm pounding away for 28 minutes! Good luck to you too x


Wow, that's speedy! I am one run behind you and a fair bit slower, but I am trying to think long-term and not worry about speed, just getting the time spent running up. Is Cyclemetre an app, or a device? Best wishes for the Race for Life.


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