Week 2 run 2 done

Went for my 2nd run of week 2 last night. All went well, although I feared the worst as the first run was certainly hard going. Luckily it all settled down for the second and subsequent runs and was pretty good overall. It probably probably didn't help as I was doing the run at 8.00pm when I was shattered after a tough day at work, but as I get up for work at 5.45 every morning I can't face getting up even earlier to run in the morning, much as I'd like to.

I did a 10 minute warm-down walk rather than the usual 5 minutes as I'd mis-judged the distance (I tend to take different routes based on spur-of-the-moment decisions, so that if I'm approaching a road junction that I'd have to stop at to wait for traffic during the run, or just as a run's about to start, I'll carry on running around the corner rather than across the junction and use different roads) but didn't turn the mp3 off after the 5 minutes, so heard the beginning of the week 3 podcast. EEEKK!! Seems like a major push forward - I wish I hadn't heard it!

I'll have to start chanting a mantra - "must trust Laura... must trust Laura..."!

I'll have to trust that physically I should be ready for it, but I think it's going to be a much harder psychological battle to BELIEVE I can do it. Anyway, stupid to panic yet as I've got W2R3 to do on Saturday first!

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  • You've got it right. "Trust Laura". The progression in C25k is carefully structured and the targets are attainable. Without trust in Laura, I know, at times that I would have stopped, thinking that the demand was way beyond me, but struggled on to keep Laura happy and found myself delighted by my achievements.

    Keep posting, it is great to hear other folks discovering this weird and wonderful way of life. Good luck

  • Many thanks for that. It's great to hear from people who have been through it and beyond, and can confirm that it works and is 'do-able'. It'll certainly help the mental battle to know that it IS achievable despite what my legs, lungs and, most likely, my inner demon is telling me!

  • hey hey, well done on beating the inner demon. Love the idea of spontaneously changing direction depending upon traffic, not sure if I'd dared do that around here I may find myself going uphill....eeek... See you in week 3 after tomorrow.

  • Hiya. Going uphill is one of my many weaknesses. Although I try to rule them out of my life where I can I've run uphill on occasions, but when I look at them in the cold light of day there's hardly a slope at all - it's more psychological I think. Anyhow, job done today - see you in week 3! Very best of luck with it - you can do it!!

  • I also made the mistake of listening to the week 3 podcast despite the initial dread :-/ I'm actually looking forward to seeing how I cope with the challenge. Good luck on your run today, say good bye to week 2 and hello week 3. :-)

  • Hi Mel. Just got back - mission accomplished! Onto week 3 on Monday! Good luck to both of us!!

  • Well done on getting this far and do try not to worry about it too much. As long as you are in a reasonable level of fitness, the programme is designed to be achievable and build on itself. :)

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