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Hi all,

First post on here and as the title says onto W8 now, have been following all the blogs by you fellow couchers(?) for a while and I simply love the support & enthusiasm here.

Why am I doing it?

Well, my weight shot up to over 20st and I was getting to the stage where I needed to do something. Drinking too much, eating too much, relatively deskbound job and I was going to a place I was sure would do me no good at all at 57!

One of life's little twists arrived in May last year in the form of a severe case of cellulitis in my right leg; antibiotics stopped the booze, lost appetite started to drop some weight off and I started to feel quite good! Belly going and after the leg healed I was looking for something to get me active.

The rest (as no doubt you can relate to) is history!!

I simply love it - amaze myself with being able to run 28 minutes without stopping, no aches or pains but a great feeling, weight has dropped to 16st4lbs.

Why am I posting this? Because if I can do it, so can you. I had all the doubts, the burning muscles, waiting for that 'walk now' prompt in the ears that stopped the torture.....

I really look forward to the runs now to the extent that I'm looking beyond graduation (but I'll be so proud when I get the badge!) for the next goal.

You've all given me so much encouragement by your posts that all I wish is that at least one person may get the same from mine..........

Downside? Having to buy new clothes in smaller sizes that fit!!!!! But that's no downside!

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What a fantastic post marpick! It feels good doesn't it?

I start week 8 tomorrow and can honestly say I can't believe that I can run at all, let alone for 25 minutes! I've dropped a dress size already and yesterday bought a size 14 for the first time in 18 years.

I love the support on the forum too, it has really helped me to keep going and has provided many laughs in the process.

Well done you for a huge achievement. Will be great to see your green badge very soon :)


That's amazing, marpick - well done on turning your life around so completely :) You are so close to that lovely green badge, but that's nothing compared to the delight of running! All the very best to you and please continute to let us know how you're doing.



Congratulations marpick! I did run 2 yesterday also - I'm still absolutely amazed that I'm running at all, let alone for 28 minutes - and graduation is in sight - I struggled to run for 60 seconds when I started!

I'm 63 and have lost 40 pounds since August - I had so much energy that I needed an outlet for it and then found C25K. I haven't run since school and that was only when we were made to!


Fantastic achievements marpick, in the 4 stone weight loss and the running! :) This forum is fantastic at motivating and encouraging at whatever stage you are at so welcome at long last!!

You are not far away now from grad week and you have the running bug enjoy!



What a great blog about your running and fitness changes, marpick - and fantastic weight loss. I found the thought of what to do after finishing c25k quite daunting, but I seem to be enjoying the running even more now, which is a real surprise! I hope you will too. :)


Thanks everyone, W8R2 completed tonight and apart from a niggling calf muscle all is well!

Need to work on the pace and distance now!



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