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W8R2 completed!

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Hey guys/gals,

Well, I eventually managed to get out and do my 2nd run of week 8, but it really was touch and go as to whether I was going to do it. I really wasn't in the mood for it after having a long night shift at work last night. I started at 10:30pm and didn't get home until 10am today! I immediately went to bed when I arrived home and got up around 4pm with it already getting dark and it was raining! :(

I got up and put my running gear on then had some breakfast. I then watched a bit of tv and pondered on going out for the run in the rain for the first time. I have two rest days between runs now so I don't really want to be taking more than that between runs. So eventually, with a heavy heart I peeled myself off the couch and ventured outside...

Luckily, the rain had stopped! :) But it was dark by now and obviously very wet everywhere with puddles galore, and what looked like very slippy leaves covering most of my route. So I thought I was in for right treat! :D

Just after Laura announced I was half way through, my right foot hit the edge of a small hole and my foot suddenly jarred and it hurt. I thought I had twisted my ankle but I didn't stop and in fact I carried on through the pain. But to be fair the pain wasn't too bad. It's more like when you touch a bruise. That sort of 'duller'pain. So I think I might have got away without any kind of injury. :)

As you can see from my log of this run, I managed 3.46km in my 28 minutes (ignore the 18 seconds...I had stopped running but couldn't unlock the app to stop the timer! lol)

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Well done Lee! Its great you went out even though you weren't really in the mood to start off with..true grit, that is!

Hope your ankle's ok...make sure you rest it well before the next run.

The conditions outside are definitely a bit more hazardous now, aren't they. I'm beginning to wonder if a temporary gynpm membership might be a good idea for the winter...sort of like hibernation, but more active πŸ˜€.

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Thanks Raven2016 :)

I dunno about true grit...more like being a stubborn ol' git! lol

Yeah I think my ankle will be fine thanks. It's a little tender, but no serious damage has been done I don't think.

I like the sound of hibernation during the winter months by the way! :D

I've actually purchased a foldup treadmill to use instead of going out when the weather is too bad (as we can't actually hibernate yet!), but I won't get it until the end of the month as they were out of stock. It was only Β£200 which I thought was good value.


I like the idea of you having breakfast at 4pm :-)

Glad you didn't hurt yourself and well done for leaving the warm couch and going out in the dark and the rain.

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Thanks for that Simmypie :)

Yeah, ya can't beat a breakfast at 4pm! :D You should give it a try! ;)


Super effort, well done 😊

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Thank you Scruffy64 :)


Good for you carrying on & getting out thereπŸƒπŸƒyou are doing a grand job this wet dark nights a bit of a struggle! I was out Monday night & must get two more runs in before Sunday as promised myself I'd aim for 3 nights a week😊missing the structure of c25k but il get back out there & posting again. Watching out for your graduation😊😊x

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Thanks Phyllis :)

I'll soon be there with ya! :) x

Well done , can't believe it's nearing the end 😒, however I should see it as a complete new beginning, have you ur celebration planned for graduation !!

Shift work is dam hard I did it for years,9-5 now unless I take on extra work , and it's hard to get the motivation going when the body's tired . Good idea re thread mill I'd be afraid of getting bored

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Thanks Cuig1975 :)

Yes, it will be a new beginning and I don't know about you but I'm just wondering where my inspiration will come from after I finally complete C25K. I can tell you that I do not have any celebration planned.

Yeah, I'm finding it really difficult at the moment as I'm not only doing regular long shifts at work (10 to 12 hours) but I'm also trying to squeeze in some property viewings everyday as well. It doesn't help when you also get requests (or to be more precise, begged) to work on Saturday as well! :( So my only day off this week now will be Sunday...guess on what day I'll be finishing week 8 off!? ;) Oh well, at least my bank manager should be happy! :D

As for the treadmill...I plan to set up a spare computer monitor in front of it and connect up my old Nintendo Wii to it. I remember when I purchased it years ago there was a fitness programme with it along with a board you stand on. It measures your weight and bmi etc. But if you simply hold the nunchuck in your hand or slip it into a pocket, it detects when you run, and your on screen character runs through various scenery so you feel as though you are there running yourself. I remember trying it out and it looked good and worked well but I didn't like the fact I was running on the spot. It just didn't feel right. So, having the treadmill should (hopefully) work out great. I will post about it once I have it all set up, so keep an eye out for it.

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Sounds very hi tech , I've seen that before too think it was hotel gym or someplace... Sounds like you'll have great adventures

You must be wrecked with all you have going on, try and rest where you can and mind that ankle .... Post graduation I think I'll concentrate on getting to 5.5 k which suits 2 different circuit runs beside my home , where it's nice and quiet so intention would be .5k warmup walk and over 5 k run home ... That will take some time as there are are quite a few inclines so I'll have lots to challenge me .... I haven't run beside home since I started so need to get out there too still quite self conscious which is pure silly but I've come a long way .

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Yeah it's all good stuff, but there's no guarantee it's all going to work of course! :D

Yes I am tired as my batteries only seem to be getting a partial recharge, and not a full recharge, which is what they really need.

That sounds like you have a good plan for your continuation after completing C25K. Nice one, and yeah you have home a long way. I reckon once you've got out there you'll be fine. :)


Well done! I've nearly caught my foot in a hole, need to scan the ground carefully and wear a light at night..

in reply to davelinks

Cheers davelinks :)

Yeah, I did actually have my little led torch with me to use in areas where I couldn't see due to no street lamps, but I wasn't using it at that particular point because there were street lamps at various intervals and it was just about providing enough light to see where I was going. However, this small hole I put my foot in wasn't a nice big obvious round hole in the ground, it was more of a very narrow deep crack in between the pavement slabs/tarmac area and I was actually looking ahead of me at the time, as a small group of lads were riding bikes towards me and I didn't fancy getting run over, so I was moving over to one side. :(

Yes, I have looked into those wearable lights and might indeed purchase one for when I venture out in the dark again (not something I actually plan to do, but ya never know!)


Well done for getting up off the couch and venturing into the dark! It's more than i can do lol. oh I hope your ankle isn't too sore, hopefully it should've recovered over the next two rest days. You're so right about the leaves, I walked to the shop last night in the dark and the path was covered with them and all the little dips and bumps in the pavement that you avoid when it's light can make night time running a bit hazardous.

Your speed is really coming on! You'll be doing 5k before you know it :) It's fantastic to see how far you've come on the programme from the beginning. So pleased for you :)

in reply to debze

Thanks debze :)

Yeah, I don't really want to be running in the dark if I can help it as it's just too tricky. I certainly don't want to get injured at this stage of the plan! Like I mentioned in a reply to your previous post, I'm getting my treadmill delivered in a few weeks and I will set up my Nintendo Wii (with the running programme), so hopefully I won't have to go out in the dark/rain as I'll be able to run anywhere in my virtual world. :)

Yes, I'm amazed and really pleased at how much we have both progressed since we started. It hasn't been an easy ride so far, but it does show how C25K actually works. :)


well done lee . we will be graduating at the same time ish

in reply to Gemset

Nice one! Thanks Gemset :)


Great news Lee337. You're almost there! Just like me :) Happy running, hope your ankle is OK.

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Thanks Flossie :) Yeah, I think it will be ok. It aches a little, but after my 2 rest days I think it should be ok. :)

Well done for carrying on. It is a bit of a worry in the dark when you are running. Well done on the length of run too. I'm finding it really hard to find time in the light to get out now. I'm trying to get a treadmill to get back on track.

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Cheers africanali :)

Yes, that's the trouble with starting this plan later in the year. It just gets too difficult to find the time to run in daylight hours. I've already ordered my treadmill and it will arrive later this month, so hopefully I won't have to worry about future runs in the dark/rain as I will be able to jump onto my treadmill. :) If you want to see the one I've purchased, I posted the link on the previous post about treadmills by debze.

I hope you get back on track very soon.

It was your discussion with someone else that made me think about treadmills. I'm so glad I got one, and amazed after the length of break that I still had a lot of stamina. I saw you finished week 8. Good luck for week 9. Nearly graduating! Brilliant.

in reply to africanali

Cheers mate. Yeah, I'm glad it's helped you get back on track and you will soon be graduating then wearing out that new treadmill of yours! :D


There are virtual treadmill videos people have recorded so go for a run in Australia like I do.

Oh and well done week 8 run 2 was a nightmare mentally for me but I didn't give in

in reply to Geord68

Cheers mate. Yeah, I'm looking forward to taking delivery of my treadmill later this month, and as you say, go running at all different places 'virtually' :)

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