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I completed 28 minutes continuous yesterday. It seems to last forever when you are running. I listen to music and watch tv, but it still goes on forever. Definitely a mental thing. I didn't ache too much and breathing was fine at least until the last 5 minutes, but it seems to take a lot of persistence. My brain was telling me to stop and rest, there's no need to push like this, sit down and have a beer. The guy beside me had been running for 50 minutes plus and he stopped at (my) 23 minutes I almost asked him to carry on and run with me for the last five. For some reason I find it easier if I run alongside someone else, even if they are complete strangers and not interested in what I'm doing at all.

Interestingly on the rest day before the run I had walked into town and back - 40 minutes in all. My shins felt a bit tight, but I ran anyway. This morning they felt awful. I've just given them a good session with a roller and they are felling much better now. I thought I'd wasted my money on the roller but I'm a convert now.

I experimented with a slight incline most of the way. I was amazed how much difference even that made. I may be so much fitter than I was when I started, but I have a long way to go. I'm going to try with my new shoes again on my next run on Sunday, If they hurt my toe again they are going back. Do "New Balance" do slightly smaller sizes or something? The under armour shoes I have are fine.

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Well done for persisting! It is all a head game at this stage - you are physically fit enough now, it's all about beating the head gremlins. You are so close to that graduation badge....

As for the shoes - did you buy your regular size? Generally speaking you should always go up at least a half size, if not I whole one. Your feet will swell while you run, so if they are a 'perfect fit' at the start of your run, they will be too small once you have been running 20 mins!


Well done for getting this far. Can you get outside to run? You'll find the time passes so much faster...


I agree with CurlyGurly. Get outside! Running is much more fun if you're taking in what's all around you. I'd never go back to the treadmill if I could avoid it.


I was wondering how someone watched TV whilst running - then I read the posts below! Well done on completing the run - I agree - mind game from here on (although my legs are telling me otherwise as well) - I could easily have given up before 10 mins if it wasn't for this wretched forum pushing me on!


well done rmnsuk it is just as much a mental challenge as physical , as for the shoe sit does seem different brands do vary in width etc , i have gone a half to a full size bigger :D in mine . all fine so far :D


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