W8R2 - I'm injured :(

Went out today with a mate and just had to stop after 18 minutes as my left foot was in agony. Now I can't bear to put any weight on it at all. I think I've wrenched the ligaments on the outside of my foot just below the ankle joint and although there's no swelling, which is a good sign, I wasn't going to risk carrying on my run just to save face or make it worse. I think maybe I caught a curb or a pothole or something - I remember stumbling a little. Anyway I hope some RICE and a rest will sort it out in a day or two. But so much for graduation next Saturday :( Better to be safe than sorry though.


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19 Replies

  • oh no! Real bad luck Fraz. But you are being very sensible, it is marathon not a sprint (not literally of course!) and that counts for graduation too. You will still make it, just maybe a couple of days later than planned. Rest up and hope your foot is better soon. Don't run again until it is better though.

  • You're right of course, but it's so frustrating when I'm that close to graduation. I just don't want an excuse to turn back into a couch potato and that's kind of exactly what I now have to do to rest it! Oh well, if I can avoid an attack of the biscuit munchies then I should be ok :D

  • I know it's easy for me to say, but i know I would also be really frustrated if i was in your situation. I have been paranoid about getting a cold or an injury in case it delays my graduation so I can understand how you must feel!

    You have come too far on this journey for you to turn back into a couch potato - after a few days max I'm sure you'll be back out there!

  • Appallingly bad luck Fraz but I think you're doing the right thing. Chin up, there is every chance that despite how it feels some rest and ice may work wonders, have you back on your running feet really quickly.

  • Thanks Chewy. It's only a temporary setback and who knows, the enforced rest might do my running some good!

  • Oh Fraz...so terribly sad to read this! :-( I am happy though that you are going to treat it reasonably compared to risking further injury. Maybe a day or two of rest and then try a nice walk first to test it? I feel your pain, I was so very close to grad week when my knee decided to act up. Very, very disappointing, but better to be safe then sorry, Hugs to you my friend... as long as you're resting, maybe enjoy a sip or two or three of a nice vino? :-) Works for me!

  • Thanks Gayle. I teach from home on a Friday and have one lesson still to do - went for the run in one of my breaks - but then the vino will definitely be flowing!

  • What rotten luck :-( Make sure it's quite okay again before you do too much though. And in the grand scheme of things an extra day or two won't make any difference, though I can understand how frustrating it must be. A nice glass of whatever you fancy is a very good idea!

  • I'm actually starting to feel ok about it as I can now at least walk - couldn't do that a couple of hours ago. So it's easing off but I can 'feel' it if you know what I mean! I'm hoping a day or two of not running ill do the trick. Can't lose too much stamina in 48 hours can I?

  • Bad luck Fraz but the ice and rest may well work wonders. Good luck and heal soon xox

  • Thanks DeliaItaly. Hoping the r&r this weekend will do the trick!

  • Rotten luck, Fraz, you were doing so well! And you will again! Best wishes for a swift recovery!

  • I had to stop at 13 mins in wk8 run1 last sunday, since when my knee has been playing up. However, managed the run last evening, with only a slight twinge, and didn't feel the missed days hampered me at all. Going to run again tomorrow all being well. Hope your foot gets better soon.

  • So sorry to hear this Fraz73, hope youre feeling better now. I've had a few niggles over the weeks but have alternated between ice and heat. Seems to have worked (touching wood!) so far.

    You are doing the right thing though however hard it feels, you don't want to run again and then end up injured even more so that you have to take weeks out the plan. Hang in there, you WILL graduate ;-)

  • So sorry to read about you injury, Fraz. Know it's really frustrating but you are doing the right thing by resting it. Hope the RICE treatment works, sounded like it's easing a bit from what you said above. You WILL still graduate but you don't want to do any lasting damage. Hopefully it's a glitch and you will soon be running again. Hugs!

  • Thank you all for such warm wishes. It really is feeling much better already but I promise I won't run until all the pain has gone!

  • Not great news Fraz. I hope it picks up soon so you don't lose momentum. The rest is definitely what you must do to get recovered quicly. Keep blogging even if you are not running for a few days. Good luck.

  • I'm sorry to hear this, Fraz. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Don't rush it and make it worse. You'll get there, just not as soon as you'd have liked, I'm sure. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • I'm gutted for you, we were in sync on our runs and I have been mighty impressed by your achievements. Do give it some proper rest though. I ran so much better after my enforced rest (the cold and the broken toe), which lasted for 10 days, so please don't worry, you won't lose any fitness and you might actually run better for the complete rest when you come back.

    After my rest I decided to not try to do the programme, but rather just go for a 'shakedown' run, to see how long I could run and, as it happens, I was able to do my W7 time, so I counted it as one of my runs. I was so keen to not 'fail' (there, I used the f word again!) that I thought this a better strategy for me.

    Be better soon

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