1st park run - finally, result wrong what to do????

I did my first park run today, I knew beforehand I would be last, but was ok with that I mean someone has to lol. All I was hoping for was to finish in under an hour. Anyway I set off at the front (decided I wanted to be able to I wasn't last all the way lol) and went really fast, got myself out of breath, and never really got my breathing back again. I found it really hard, and spent most of the time jogging very slowly a long way behind everyone else. Anyway I crossed the finish line and they gave me the token saying I was at about 1 hour 4 minutes, I checked my garmin, the distance was 5.2 k and time was about right.

It was so much harder than the other 5k's I did, and I even had to walk couple of small sections to get my breath back, but I think that's because I ran too fast at the start, I will have to try to pace myself better next time!

I was very pleased I did it though, and everyone was sooo great, as the runners lapped me loads of them gave me words of encouragement it was so nice.

Anyway I got home and discovered on garmin I'd done my fastest 1k - 10:27 and my fastest 5k - 59:21 awesome!!!!!!

Then a short time later I got my result from the park run it put me on a time 43:13 - clearly way faster than I was! It was great to see that time lol, but I'm clearly not that good!

What should I do?


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11 Replies

  • Hmm interesting dilemma .... to be honest it is normally the other way round with the times ... did you check the full list of results ?

    is there a chance that you actually did run that fast ? if so take it :D

  • Yeah I've seen the full list and it shows 43 something on there too, but as mush as I would like to be able to run that fast it just isn't possible for me at the moment, so its wrong for sure.

  • You can email them to query your time I believe

  • I would e mail them or put a message on their fb page with your garmin results. If there is something wrong with their timekeeping they will want to know about it. Anyway, regardless, congratulations on your first park run. I have no idea what time you will be trying to beat next time for a pb !! But good luck with it.

  • Well first of all, coming last is just a magnanimous gesture to the person in front of you. It's just chivalrous, is what it is. As for correcting your score, from posts I've seen here, it would seem it's possible to do this. If not, well you know you were a bit slower than that, so as long as you don't go boasting to yourself about how you wiped your bum on that parkrun, there's probably not a great deal of harm in it. I suppose the main inconvenience would be that the next time you get a PB, parkrun doesn't detect it, and you have to notice this yourself.

  • An accurate time is of much more use to you than some flatteringly fast time. You want a time to chip away at in months and years to come, giving yourself regular PBs, not some unattainable fiction. I have contacted my run director when I was placed as unknown and the problem was soon sorted.

    Well done on finishing your first parkrun and here's to many happy reruns.

  • Thanks everyone, I've e-mailed them, I'll let you know what happens :-)

  • Email them - had the same problem myself and they are great at sorting it out!

  • I would contact them. Even as a courtesy as they would want to know if there are issues with their system.

    Still, a good run. Congratulations.

  • Hello, as others have said drop them an email. In my first parkrun I was mortified to find I'd missed out a loop on the second circuit so I'd only done 4.5K. After my 2nd run they reset the first time to match it. :-)

  • Thanks everyone, I mailed them and they have agreed that my time was wrong, 3 unknowns without barcodes had not collected their finishing chips so we got their times at first. They have now updated it :-)

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