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1st run/fail (bah!) after graduation

It has been horrible weather today and whereas I usually go out early for my run, I wanted to watch the presidential debate from last night.

I watched the Clinton do her best to disrupt the dastardly plans of Emperor trump who wants to steal from the poor and give to the rich in his maniacal bid for world domination...he seems more backward than dubya was....

i had other things to do afterwards and so didn't get to go for a run until 5pm, an hour after eating some soup and three bread rolls. Perhaps not the best time...

As the weather was still yuk and I didn't want to get my shoes wet, they aren't waterproof and I want to wear them to work tomorrow, I decided to run on the treadmill.

It didn't go well at all. Two minutes into running after the warm up walk I got my first ever c25k running stitch and had to slow down to just over fast walking pace.

The stitch stayed for a while and then when I was just getting into a nice rhythm, had done about 16 minutes of slow running, I caught the safety cut off cable (which I clip onto my t shirt) with my arm and it did its' job and brought the treadmill to an instant stop. Grrrrr $£^*%$^£!!

So I started off again, angry that the run was disrupted, there was a fast song playing and so I put the speed up to 7mph for a few minutes to see if I could cope and was enjoying it when I caught the "£$£$*%^ safety cable again!! and went from 7mph to zero straight away. Sigh!

Third time starting off and by then I was so annoyed that I couldn't get back into it and did a reeeaaally slow run for about 12 minutes and then the cooldown walk.

Not my ideal post graduation run, didn't make me feel like I had accomplished anything. I should have gone outside in the pouring rain and wind.

Next time I will definitely go out earlier and make sure I don't have a big meal soon before! We all have our bears to cross I suppose...

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Bipolar and depression?!? Stupid tags!

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It's a sign from above! " Vote Trump...or else !" 😉 😂

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Blame Trump for putting you in a bad mood.

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You know what they say....... 'Any run is better than no run' !! At least you did SOMETHING and your intentions were good !


Never mind, these things happen. Nuisance value I call em 😊

The next run will always be better ☺


A difficult day but you have graduated and are still running. So well done!

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Wind and rain... any time.... (says she who has just bought a cross trainer to avoid the snow and ice to come).. Well done you... and darn the pesky electronic gremlins!


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