Sleet, wind, mud, snow - ran for 40 minutes - and GRADUATED!

Ta da! I've done it! Graduated, and done my longest run yet, 40 minutes, 4.15km. So 5k is in reach, but I think I'll concentrate on speed for a bit rather than running for longer. Though I might change my mind - don't care too much one way or the other at the moment!

I started on 15th December, so it's taken me just under two months - 8 1/2 weeks - I just counted it up (I ran alternate days mostly). Week 1 was really hard work, but here I am, able to run (slowly) for 40 minutes. Goodness gracious!

Story of today's run: decided to warm up indoors, because I keep ending up too hot, and having to carry layers I've peeled off. So I went up and down stairs a few times, and walked round the house. Big mistake! Do not use stairs to warm up before a run! I have never had aching thighs before, but the first ten minutes of my run were even less fun than usual :O

At about ten minutes in, I could see a dog-walker in the distance, so used their approach to keep me going to half way, where I was intending to run round. Do not turn round just in front of a dog walker. THE DOG *WALKER* OVERTOOK ME - ON MY GRADUATION RUN!!! :O

Actually I thought it was really rather funny, and had a brief chat with him. Anyway, it kept me grinning for about five minutes :D so it was a good distraction, and then the next five minutes I was thinking what I could write about it, so by then it was about 20 minutes gone.

Then I had the choice of going back home, which would be about 30 minutes, or going the opposite way, to make it a bit longer. It's flat, so I thought, why not - I'm feeling ok now. And I kept going for another twenty minutes, and even managed to do a couple of faster bursts, just to see if I could. I did a little jump in the air at 30 minutes :D :D but then a car came along, so I chickened out of dancing!

Thank you so much to everyone who's cheered me on, this site has been fantastic, and not just for the running. I've learnt a lot about myself over the past couple of months, from noticing how hard other people are on themselves, and am now being much kinder to myself, and setting myself more reasonable expectations.

I came across something that really rang true for me a couple of days ago: "Being allowed to do something really badly without anybody being upset is a joy." That's what running is for me - I can go really slowly, but nobody minds (or if they do, that's their problem, not mine!)

The slow and steady caped crusader gets there in the end!

Oo - just realised - I can get a badge now! Wheeee!


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  • Self Esteem hitting the deserve it. Thanks so much for allowing me to share in your day.

  • You're very welcome! Sharing good times and bad times on here really does help. Your turn in a couple of months!

  • Well done! You've done really well. :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Fantastic... Well done!

  • :D

  • Woo hoo well done, congratulations, have loved reading your blogs, keep running and keep blogging. Enjoy your green badge you have earned it. Fantastic :-D

  • Thanks rolphie. I've enjoyed writing them too. And so pleased I've managed to get right through the programme - amazing - still can't quite believe it!

  • Congratulations, can't wait to see the badge!!

    You've been so helpful and encouraging to all us newbies, please don't go away x

  • Ah, thank you, that's very kind of you. :) I'm getting excited about the badge - silly really, but I feel I've worked for it!

  • Congratulations greenlegs, I'm just awaiting my badge after graduation last Sunday, great feeling , isn't it!,

  • Yes, it is! And I'm going to make the most of it! Have you run again yet?

  • Well done, greenlegs! Have you started thinking about your next challenge or are you going to take time to consolidate your achievement? Looking forward to seeing your shiny green badge! :)

  • Thanks! I think I'm going to try to get a bit faster (plenty of scope there!) - but for now I'm just enjoying my moment of glory! :D

  • Well done on your fantastic achievement! Now go get that very well deserved badge :0)

  • Yours is there waiting on the shelf too! Not long now. :)

  • One more run to go!

  • You made it! must be very proud. Well done.

    What next? will have to keep blogging.

  • Thanks. Yup, I do feel quite proud, and I'm happy to say it! I'M PROUD!

    I had thought I might have a break from blogging, to let some others get a word in edgeways - but I'm not sure I'd manage it! :)

  • Congratulations Greenlegs - you are an inspiration. Hope to be joining you next week. Maggie

  • Thanks - keep it up - nearly there!

  • You made it! must be very proud. Well done.

    What next? will have to keep blogging.

  • Even prouder! ;)

  • You made it! must be very proud. Well done.

    What next? will have to keep blogging.

  • And prouder! :D (why does this silly system do that every now and then?!)

  • Congratulations Greenlegs! What a lovely cheery blog, I'm so glad that c25k has given you so much and helped you be kinder to yourself - hope you'll keep blogging. :-)

  • Thank you notbad (great name!) I think I'll be around for a while. :)

  • Way to go Greenlegs!!! Maybe B210K next, you never know! Thanks for your honesty, guidance and support.Looking forward to seeing that green badge very soon!

  • Mmmmmmmmm! You never know - but it'll be a while I think! Need to get to 5k first, though that's not so far off now. But who knows? Thanks for the appreciation. :)

  • Congrats! Love that you have found it such a boost - it has certainly done that for me (I'm only 2 runs behind you), my local dog walkers are now used to me plodding past looking like a beetroot and panting like I'm about to drop! Enjoy your badge!

  • Another badge on the edge of the shelf waiting... for you! Hope you enjoy your graduation run too!

  • Well done. Your blog made me a bit tearful! (and laugh too!)

  • Oh, goodness! The power of little black marks on a computer screen! Weird isn't it? Thank you. :)

  • Congratulations - I've really been enjoying reading your blogs!

  • Many thanks - I blog for myself really, but it's good if others enjoy them too. I love reading everyone else's blogs, especially when people blog quite a bit, and you get to feel that you know them.

    I'd definitely recommend blogging to anyone else who hasn't done so much yet - do it for yourself and just enjoy it!

  • Congratulation Greenlegs! Looking forward to seeing your Graduate badge. Hope you'll keep running and keep blogging as you've been a great help to all of us newbies! Well done you - give yourself a big pat on the back!

  • Thanks for the pat on the back! I'm looking forward to that badge too - exciting! I hope I've put back a bit of what I've taken from the site - it really has been a very positive experience for me. :)

  • Well done Greenlegs! I hope you keep running and also keep writing about it. 40 minutes running when you only "had" to do 30 is truly amazing!

    Ann x

  • Thank you! It's funny, but it didn't seem all that much (after the yukky first ten minutes) - I just kept plodding on, and kept thinking of the week 7/8/9ers who have done 5k already ( :P ) I did consider keeping going a bit longer, just to see if I could, but at my pace it would have been a huge lot more than my previous best of 35 minutes - which was this week anyway. So I suppose I was really very naughty to have jumped up from 31 last week (also naughty!) to 40. Mmm. Just worked it out. That was almost 30% more - waaay more than 10%.

    Dearie me. What a naughty girl and a bad example to newbies. Do not do as I do, do as I say - Slow and steady! Never ever break the no-more-than-10%-more rule. Except for week 5 run 3. Ha ha! :D

  • Well done to you!Your cape will look good with your badge!!! Hope you keep the running up


  • I think I might just have to make myself a cape! :D

  • The best thing about graduation? The lovely responses to the graduation blog. What a lovely warm feeling. Thank you so much everyone. :)

    Advice to newbies - get blogging! Write it as it is, include odd things that happened, and how you felt, from the heart. Then you'll get a lovely grad blog like this and you will feel all warm and fuzzy! Ahhh! :)

  • Well done greenlegs

    I am new to c25k and blogging in general, your post made me laugh out loud in the restaurant! I can not imagine running at any speed for 40 mins. I have to do 6r3 on Friday and am dreading it.

    Keep running and blogging as I would love to hear more about your runs.

    P.S. sorry to ask a stupid question, maybe, but what is this about a badge? Can we get such things on graduation? Is it a literal badge?

  • Well I hope you didn't spit food everywhere!

    The 'badge' is just a little green box next to your name that says 'graduate'! You just send a message to admin, or put your name on a blog post (can't remember how I found it now - a search with the tag graduation I think) and then you get your badge next to your name.

    You can order c25k graduate t-shirts from somewhere I think - haven't investigated that though.

  • yey - a green badge for greenlegs :-)

    well done - a fantastic run (40 flippin minutes :-O ) to graduate with and I love the dog walker bit of your blog :-D

    you have to get your sewing kit out and get that cape ready, plus some running shorts over the top of your running tights ........ watch out world!

    Keep running and keep bloggin :-D

  • Thanks! I still haven't been brave enough to wear my running tights yet! But if I pulled my buff over my head, and wrapped myself in my cape, maybe nobody would recognise me! :D Thanks for the cape idea i I've really enjoyed it!

  • Very well done! I hope you won't disappear; I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  • Oo, now there's a challenge! I shall have to think about that - all this attention could go to my head!

  • Fantastic news, bet you're smiling :D

  • Oh yes! :D

  • Congratulations - have been watching for your final run. Enjoy the moment.

  • Thank you. Everyone should get moments like this now and then!

  • Oh Fantastic news and what a time! Feel really happy for you I'm grinning like a fool!

    Totally agree with mdec, what to do, what to do! You RUNNER you!

    All the best for your next one.


  • Oh, isn't it lovely that we can make others feel cheery over the interwebs! That made me smile even more! :)

    Now, what to do next? I think maybe fartleks - just because it's such a cheeky word!

  • Bloody well done Greeners, I'm absolutely delighted for you!

    Not only for getting your badge but because you've been such a good blogger and great support to so many on here.

    You will have to keep writing and advising as it's obvious from the responses that your input is appreciated and required. This isn't the first time you've suggested you think you spend too much time on here so may I say you practice what you preach and stop being hard on yourself, instead see it for the valued contribution it clearly is.

    I look forward to your next one.

  • I was waiting for your comment! And it was worth waiting for - thanks, Fingalo, that's really lovely. Cheers, friend in adversity!

  • I'm still laughing at the dog walker bit.

  • :D It really was very funny! And it had never happened before - just had to wait for the graduation run.

  • Oh and....

    WTF is fartleks?

  • :D Not going to tell you! Ner ner ner ner ner.

    Oh, all right then. I *think* it's Swedish (?) for mixing up speeds, or something like that. So you do a mix of slow and fast runing, but not to any prescribed timings/pace. Which I think I might like better than complicated 'pyramids of 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes etc etc etc, because you can't really fail then! But I've not really looked into it properly - just remembered the amazing name.

    I know I could have answered this on the previous bit, but in my current graduation-high mood, I am childishly aiming for the world record of blog responses!

  • *runing* or even running

  • Blog responses?

  • Well I tell you what....

  • ....I'm not going to do any.....

  • ....thing to help you.....

  • ....get that record.

  • Oh that made me cackle! :D :D


  • So there!

  • Fantastic, greenlegs - well done! And I love your blogs, and your responses, so please keep going! Enjoy your graduate badge too :D

  • Thank you Annie!

  • Congratulations! I'm just starting week 7 so not too far away. Just waiting for the rain to stop. ;-)

  • Why wait - go and run in the rain! :D

  • Well done greenlegs for graduating and for running for 40 mins at this stage!! Woo hoo!! :)

    I think you certainly have now won the record for blog comments (with or without fingalo's help ;) ) and so should get a badge for that too...... Who says we can't be mischievous in our fifties eh?! :D

    Welcome to the Grad Club and enjoy combining your celebrations with Valentine's Day - forget the flowers, hope you get a nice pink running top instead, much nicer!!! :)

    Sue x

  • He he! I've got a lovely box of posh chocs - yum!

  • Hey greenlegs ... really well done... hope you have done you victory dance now:) You are a proper grown up runner!!

    Keep running and keep blogging to keep the rest of us going :)

    Ann-marie x

  • I had a bit of a show off at work about it! And heard of a couple of other people who are going to start soon (we will see!) :)

  • well done! You now qualify for a victory dance on every run ;-) I kid you not, next you should strive for air guitar while you run, I totally recommend it.

    I really like "Being allowed to do something really badly without anybody being upset is a joy." I'll remember that.

    Look forward to seeing your shiny new badge, congratulations!!!

  • It's a great quote isn't it?

    I shall try out air guitar as I fartlek! Oh, I did enjoy typing that! (Even though I can't bring myself to even say the first half in it's usual sense - how daft is that?!)

  • LOL, you made the entire family chuckle here ;-)

  • Fab! Your blogs have inspired me, both to run and to blog (never done it before!). Feel like I know you. Lots of hugs and a huge well done. I hope to get there soon (just done wk4 r1 last night and I'm kna.....d!)

  • Oh, that's great, Petal. Beware though, blogging can get a bit addictive! Hugs appreciated!

  • Fantastic greenlegs, well done, I never doubted that you would do it for one minute, but in such style - 40 minutes awesome :-o

    Loved the bit about the dog walker, I had a similar experience on my last run, saw a runner coming towards me, he went past and 5 mins later he passed me going the other way, on his way back. Still I bet I ran for a longer time and that has to count for something :-)

    One green badge very well earned, looking forward to seeing it next to your caped crusader :-)

  • It counts for much more than something! :)

    Can't wait for my badge... but I'll have to!

  • Huge congratulations Greenlegs. Really well done.

    Your posts are so supportive and encouraging. And one day I hope to be in your shoes (providing they dont smell ;))

    Keep running, keep smiling and keep blogging.

  • Careful or she'll be adding something else to her avatar....

  • Thanks! But I don't think you'd want to investigate my shoes! :)

  • Oh, wow! I am so proud of you! YOU DID IT!!!!

  • :D Thanks! I'm still glowing from it!

  • Congratulations on completing C25K, Greenlegs.

    Onwards and onwards in your running journey!

    Happy running

  • It's lovely and sunny today, so I'm off out in a while, though not aiming for 40 minutes! As far as I know!

  • Oh we'll done, lovely story so pleased for you xxxxx

  • :) Thank you!

  • Thats is absolutely brilliant Greenlegs, very well done. Certainly give me hope. :-)

  • You'll get there! :)

  • Hooray!! :D Congratulations Greenlegs!! Yours was the first blog I ever read on here so it's really motivated me to carry on seeing how far you've come. I'm really pleased for you, well done!! :D

  • If I can do it, just about anyone can! :)

  • How come the badge hasn't been awarded yet, this new guy seemed to be right on the ball?

  • You know what - I hadn't even noticed! It'll be nice when it does arrive, but the warm glow of support is sooooo much more important than the badge!

  • Hmmm....

    I reckon he's onto you and knows you've not really graduated, this is all a pretence and now I AM gonna graduate before you!

    Before you protest, you should be aware that I am now going to put fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA LA.....

  • :D

    So much for the warm glow, eh!

  • Oh my gosh, well done and congratulations!! I don't even have time to read you blog as I have been upto my elbows in cake since first thing yesterday morning and am still going but I just had to check to see if you graduated as I was thinking of you :)

    Hugs and best wishes....Jems xxx

  • Intriguing! Tell us more when your elbows are cake free! Thanks, Jems.

  • Well done greenlegs!! I'm so pleased for you - and I love your attitude!! Just get out there and do it, doesn't matter how far/how fast, you know you have it in you! :-)

    Big hugs {{xx}}

  • Thanks for the hugs and kisses, Dottie! xx :)

  • Mega congratulations! Keep up the good work and don't forget to let us know how you are getting on.

  • Thanks - I'm already blogging my first post grad run. Can't keep me away! :)

  • Wow, we'll done Greenlegs!! And by now you have already done your post grad run!! :) I just wanted to say brilliant fantastic news. I have watch your progress from the beginning when I was mid way through the programme. It has been a joy to see you blog through the weeks, and to see your banter with others. Especially the 'special relationship' with our Irish friend ;)

    I really look for to your continued success. Maybe even see you at the parkrun in Leamington sometime?

    C25k graduate I know you will wear that badge with pride. Can't stop grinning :D

    Tricia xx

  • Many thanks. Hope you're injury is healing up well. That must be so annoying.

    Now, don't blow my cover, remember, I want to be invisible! But maybe you'll spot the cape at the parkrun, in a few weeks time...

    Now, where's that badge? I need to get it quick, before someone else sneaks up!

  • you're gonna have to scribble a G on that cape, now that you've graduated ;)


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