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Just completed week 4 run 1 and feeling great!

Hi there!

I've been a casual observer of this forum for a few weeks since I found the couch to 5K programme on the NHS website. I downloaded the podcasts and have been using them religiously since week 1. I've found some great inspiration from reading the various blogs on this site and felt if I could blog my experience so far for the first time, hopefully I may inspire someone else starting out on their couch to 5K journey.

Having been a smoker until 8 months ago and having recently topped the scales at 17st 7lb, if you had told me only 3 weeks ago that I would tonight run for 5 minutes straight I would have without doubt laughed in your face. Not only have I run for 5 minutes straight tonight, I have done it twice and ran 3 minutes twice too!

I started this programme having not run any sort of distance since school and must admit to feeling after the first session how the hell I was ever going to get to run the 5K. But with the help of the podcasts and a fair dose of self motivation I've continued the programme up to this point. I won't deny it's been tough at times but I'm pleased to say I've never once failed to complete the schedule set out in front of me.

I'm happy to report that as well as losing 12.5 pounds since Christmas I'm now starting to feel like a runner. For the first time tonight I've run more than I've walked and I can't tell you how good that felt. I must admit to having had a punch the air moment after finishing the second five minute stint (I wanted to after the first but had 2 sets of headlights pointing right at me and had to settle with a little 'yay' to myself instead!).

People say you catch the running bug and I most definitely have. So much so that I can't wait to get out again on Thursday and see if I can do it again.

To anyone starting out on their journey, what feels impossible from the start does soon start to feel more comfortable. From my experience so far, you soon gain a self belief as you begin to increase the intervals you can run and hopefully like me can now face the weeks to come, whilst with a sense of trepidation, a sense of excitement as well.

The hard work so far is starting to pay off and the feeling I had tonight after my run was the best I have felt in a long time. It really is worth the effort!

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What a lovely, inspiring blog! :) I could just imagine you wanting to punch the air, and having to hold it in because of the cars coming!


Great blog! If you're feeling good now, all I can say is that it gets better :) I'm only a few runs ahead of you but I've still got that positive 'can conquer the world' feeling. Best of luck with the rest of your runs and congratulations on your weight loss! You've achieved so much in such a short space of time!! :)


We're at exactly the same stage! I completed W4R1 yesterday as well - was definetly the hardest but most rewarding run to date. My legs feel a bit jelly like today though. I don't think I'm really stretching properly - might look in to starting other forms of exercise to compliment my running now. I've caught the running bug too and looking to find a local 5K to enter to give me something to aim for!!


fantasic - you have done an amazing job and totally turned things around - blooming marvellous :-)

I look forward to hearing about the rest of your runs, well done!


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