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Just started, completed Week 1 Run 1

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Phew, I did it and didn't collapse in the process. In fact it actually felt quite fun, which I wasn't really expecting! I'm using the podcasts and they were very helpful.

I'm 44, haven't run since I left school, and spent a year having monthly chemo treatments 4 years ago which really took it out of me physically and mentally. I'm finding it increasingly hard to keep up with my boys (8 and 5) - the 8yr old did the local schools "marathon" (a mile round the city centre after 12 miles done in bits at school over the preceding weeks) last year and I wasn't able to run round it with him so I promised I would do it this coming year, around Easter. If a promise to my boy isn't enough motivation, I don't know what is!

Inspiring and helpful to read everyone's stories in here, thank you!

One question, I'm away next week so might have trouble fitting the week 2 runs in (though I'll do my best). Is the best advice to repeat week 1 the following week and go on from there?

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Hey, well done, and a great post ...

I'm no expert, and other folks will have better advice, but I'd say run W1R3 again, just get your legs going again and then move onto W2.

Again though, well done.

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BarnsGraduate in reply to Christene

Thanks! I'll see how much I can get done - maybe I'll try to repeat W1R3 during that week instead of trying to push on to W2 whilst away.

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Great work on getting started - that really is the biggest step of all! Especially your given the tough times you've been through. And wow, don't you have a powerful motivation! Like you, I signed up for this running lark in order to keep up with my two - 9 and 12 - and little did I realise how addictive running could be so that now I've promised myself that I'll keep running.

As for next week, see how you feel and maybe try a W2 run and see how it goes? Trust me, you'll have built up stamina already after the first week 😀

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BarnsGraduate in reply to sjs1969

I can never understand where they PUT all that energy they have! I mean they rush around like dynamos, collapse for all of 30s and then seem completely refreshed and full of energy again. Oh to be young :)

I'm actually up with my parents with the boys for half term next week - maybe my mum will approve enough to kick me out the door with trainers on instead of plying me with too much mum-cooking!

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Ah, the pleasures of mum-cooking! It's my favourite kind of holiday 😄 We're spending time with my parents next week too so I shall have to balance the delights of delicious meals with the enjoyment of exploring the local walks at a run for the first time, so don't forget to pack those trainers!

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Great post, I wish you luck with running and with your boys!

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BarnsGraduate in reply to Jenny1970


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Well done done great story. you could take the boys running with you they would love that😃🏃 go to a local park or if at the seaside the prom nice and flat and safe for all. Enjoy the half term ours is the following week and lm going home to mums too and plan on doing my W4/5 runs on the prom in Brighton can't wait enjoy!!

Just completed week 1 session 1 - tired but happy (54 and very unfit) I like the bell ringing half way - work is right next to the green circular route - will be interesting to see if I can get a bit further round each session before the bell.

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Welcome and very well done you! If you can pop in some kind of exercise in between, whilst away.. you could move on steadily :)

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