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Week 1 completed - Just!!

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So after my euphoria of W1 R2 where everything felt quite easy, I was confident that R3 today would be the same, until I decided to have an allergic reaction to something and sneezed for the best part of my rest day. Woke up this morning for R3 and my intercostals are wrecked from so much sneezing plus i had a wierd ache in my insteps that wasn't there yesterday.

But still I plowed on and started the run. I was doing ok until the 6th 'run' and just started to feel very weak. Then the coughing started and I pretty much spluttered my way to the finish. The 'brisk' walk home where my lower legs were seizing up and tingling was anything but. What is that? Lactic acid? Oh well, reflect and learn. Clearly I wasn't at 100% and perhaps another rest day would have helped but I didn't stop, I didn't quit and I'm proud of that at least. Plus I covered 4k so the outgoing walk must have been faster than Thursday.

Time for a loooong hot bath to try and salvage my legs before they drop off and then a restful weekend. Bring on Week 2, I'm ready for ya!!!

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Well done Fraz I have just got back from my W1 R3 thankfully i wasn't ill . Like you I found R2 easy, not so today i struggled from run three. But I made it and feel very good about myself now. I have to say i am not looking forward to next week but am determined to keep it up, as i normally give up but not this time. My husband runs and assures me the longer i run for the good endorphins will kick in??. Apparently we are just not running long enough yet . We can live in hope, enjoy your bath.

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Fraz73Graduate in reply to newstart1

Thanks and well done to you too!! It's good to hear from people on the same stage of the programme. Keep me posted on how W2 goes. Can't say I'm looking forward to it either but hopefully the extra 30 seconds will be bearable. :)

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WwpsGraduate in reply to Fraz73

You also get a longer recovery time! It will push you but by the end of w2 you’ll be feeling good for it and it will feel easier!

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Well done, Fraz73. You did it, and that's what matters. You did really well to keep going in spite of all the allergies, achey intercostals and the dreaded lactic acid. Good luck with W2, the in the meantime have a well-deserved rest.

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Fraz73Graduate in reply to Soozz

So it was lactic acid? I felt as though I were wading through treacle on the final walk and the tingling - ugh! Anyway thanks for the support! :)

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SoozzGraduate in reply to Soozz

And well done, Newstart as well - sorry!

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Ok I just looked up the tingling and I'm pretty sure it's because I was dehydrated so my electrolyte levels weren't what they should be. I did feel very thirsty and had a dry mouth for most of the run. Does anyone have any advice on what to drink in the morning before running?

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swanscotGraduate in reply to Fraz73

I drink a full 250ml glass of water and this usually does me ok. To help combat a dry mouth make sure you are breathing in through your nose and out through you mouth (this does not come naturally for some of us!)

Great job Fraz well done, especially since you weren't feeling 100% and well done Newstart it looks like we're all progressing at roughly the same pace. I finished my week 1 yesterday and like you guys, I found the 3rd run the hardest.

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Thanks for the advice swanscot and well done Chewy and Newstart. It's comforting to know we're all on the same page with run 3!!

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Great that you stuck with it and finished! Well done, hope the sneezing has gone for good...running and sneezing, not good!

Finished my first week yesterday! Nervous about week 2 but we can do this! It’s only running and walking😂😂 How hard can it be?????

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