Total running newbie - Week 1, Run 1 complete

Hi all, I am Gems (27) and I am totally new to the community and to running and fitness as a whole. I have loved reading everyone's posts and have found them so inspirational, so thought I too would start a blog.

I was worried about the sixty seconds of running periods and I was right to be. Those sixty seconds seemed to last way more than they surely should have! On I think it was the third sixty second run I simply couldn’t run, both my legs and my chest point-blank refused due to the super-steep incline I was at at that point of the park. I walked for approximately half of the sixty second run then as soon as I felt able continued with my slow but steady jog.

This ‘failure’ as I saw it stuck in my mind even after hearing the fantastic words ‘well done, you have completed your first run’. This should have been an achievement enough, but I still felt a little disappointed that I couldn’t run for the specified time each and every time.

When I got home I felt proud that I had completed my first run and also felt seriously unfit. The run really took it out of me, I had the typical jelly legs and I felt sick!

I have now been home for a few hours, had a shower, something to eat and time to reflect upon my attempts this morning and now feel motivated for my next run on Thursday! I am seriously hoping that with each and every run, things will get easier, because at the moment running for any longer than sixty seconds seems almost an impossibility. I guess time will tell!


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14 Replies

  • Hi Gems, welcome to the mad house , great to see you blogging . i think we have all been in the first few weeks, found it hard . It does get easier every time you go out for a run it will get easier as you begin to get fitter. There is no failure in it as your out there running and not sat on the couch. When i first started i also had jelly legs and felt sick its just your body getting used to the changes. Make sure you drink plenty of water when you finish and do some stretches after each run. Once you get that motivation you will so enjoy your runs. will look out for your blogs keep us informed how your getting on. Its all worth it. :-)

  • Welcome Gems - that's all good advice from maddykins and I just might add not to go at it too fast. I'm nearly 50 and overweight and I've definitely become fitter on this programme. I'm now on week 7 and I couldn't have tackled a hill in the early weeks, so good on you :-)

    Keep blogging - this is a lovely supportive community.

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the group.

    Its a very supportive place and loads of good advice (as the guys above have already offered)

    It will get easier, some days will challenge you, some days you'll feel like your flying!

  • It's great to hear all about your first run Gems and welcome from your new running friends :)

    We look forward to hearing how you get on with run 2.

  • Welcome Gems, we are all here to support and help each other. I have found blogging here a lovely experience as everbody knows what I am going through, so you will too. Look forward to reading about your progress x

  • Yes, things should get easier with each and every run, just move forward when you think you're ready. But the main thing is: you've already done the most difficult part, and that's doing the first one!!

    So well done for that :)

  • welcome Gems, happy running :)

  • Hi Gem, lovely to hear your comments, I just finished w1r2 2 hours ago and am a 51 year old rather cuddly lady, after the enthusiams of the first run, I was dreading it this morning, but the sun was shining and although I was more tired this time, I was glad I put the effort in...good luck with the next run!!

  • Well done on completing your second run :) I am kind of dreading tomorrow's run, especially as my legs are a little achy from yesterday, but hopefully mine will go just as well as yours!

  • Hi Gems, I'm a noob too (W1R2 done today). Your post inspired me to sign up here as well.

    I had a similar experience on my first run. I had been on two short walks in the neighborhood before discovering C25K. I decided to do a different route for run one - oops, hills hills everywhere hills. I didn't quite manage it and also felt a little disappointed when hearing Laura's congrats.

    I went the 'old' way today, which I knew was flat (also with proper shoes this time - so spongy!), and it went much better - Laura's words felt good! Also, since I still had some ways to get home (still new and haven't a proper route yet) even added one more (short) run to the schedule. I couldn't believe it after the last experience! But yes, completely shattered after, yet buzzing!

    I hope your next run fares better!

  • Glad to hear your second run went better :) My next run is tomorrow and I am hoping the rain won't be as persistent as today, but no matter what the weather I will still go as I can't be using excuses!

    Well done on your extra run too! I think I will be definitely finding somewhere a little flatter for tomorrow's run. Look forward to reading your post!

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments and advice :) I am really looking forward to sharing triumphs and difficulties.

  • well done :) i found the first run incredibly difficult. i managed it all, just, but then i chose a local unused bowles court with a path around the outside to run around and around while my husband and daughter played in the middle. i felt like an absolute numpty but i knew it was very flat!! i did the second run today along the canal. i have no intention of attacking any hills until i think i can handle them. i think you've done marvellously :)

  • Aw thank you. I did run two today and deliberately timed my runs better, so it was either flat or downhill and the walking periods were up the hills. It felt much better!

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