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Smashed Week 4 Run 1!!

Never thought 2 hours ago that I would be saying this but I loved W4R1! Sense of achievement was great and once I got to the last 5 minute run I knew I could do it all - I even went a bit faster in the last minute!

Have been nervous all weekend about the jump from 9min to 16min. Was worried I was going to reach breaking point in spectular fashion. But I trusted the programme and I was right to! Not entirely sure I wasn't going much faster than power-walking at some points but I don't care, it felt like a light jog to me!

Only thing is that my knees now feel a bit dodgy. Should I be worried? Any tips on strengthening them? I've been told my ankles/knees roll in when I run...

Feeling great! :D Hope this gives some confidence to others that they can do it!

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Great - thank you!


Your legs will develop and strengthen and aches will go away. Sounds from what you're saying about being told your ankles/knees roll in that you over pronate, which is very common. You ought to think about getting gait analysis at a specialist running shop, with a view to getting some supportive shoes to correct it. If you let that carry on, you may pick up injuries. I speak from experience.


I did get gait analysis at a running shop and bought some running shoes which were picked out for me and feel really comfortable - knees still seem to be rolling in though!


I've been thinking it's all down to my (in my opinion) very flat feet - very interesting reading, thank you! Those insoles sound interesting too, might get some and try them out - how did running with them go? The running shop people also told me to work on strengthening my glutes too. I've been kind of blazΓ© about what they said up til now as I hadn't had any discomfort, but now I feel like I need to pay attention! Hopefully I can catch this before it develops into anything serious. Thanks again.


Since my osteo appointment and insoles, I've run ten times without strapping to my knees, and I feel great. He also gave me a plan for squats to strengthen quads (possibly glutes too). I think the running shop people think they've fixed it if they sell you support shoes, but for some of us that's not enough!


Well done, that's a great achievement, I know how nervous I was doing w4 too....but I am about to 'attempt' the last run of w5-20mins no walking 😳

It's cool and damp, which should help but I'm still two boys are coming with me on their bikes to keep me company and so I know there's someone around as I run down the canal path...I started in the path but it got really boring going round n round n round....

Also you mentioned you running pace...I am exactly the same, hubby took delight in telling me my speed wasn't much faster than a fast walking pace which saddened me ( we had words!!) but do you know what....I don't care, I'm doing it and he's not...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so I'll carry on plodding and try not to worry about the speed, that will come.

I had lots of aches n pains whilst going from week one to week 4, they seem to be subsiding now I need to be careful not to become blasΓ© too

Good luck xx


Thank you very much for the reassurance - and I do hope your run went well! Knees still feel a bit dodgy today but I think I might be over-thinking it! :) x


Hi Sarah, great post! I have a lot of parallels withn your thoughts- I was sooo scared of week4 and that daunted me because there's so much after week4 as well. But like you I survived it- did not go fast for the last minute- that 60 secs went on for ever!!! But I did run an extra few seconds just to show I could- I know I'm a weirdo! And what's more I'm *almost* looking forward to my next run...

I can't help with the knee other than to say I cheat and run mostly off road - I'm a little nervous of the impact on my knees (I'm a stone above BMI) so perhaps running on grass next time out might help?

Well done you πŸ˜€ anyway for everything you've achieved

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So funny! I did that extra running thing too after my first run of week 4! Just so exhilarated that I actually made it to the end and it actually felt ok!! Really concentrating on keeping it slow and steady and breathing properly has helped.

Well done all, all these comments are so inspiring. My wk 4 run 2 is this evening...


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