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Week 1 Run 1 just completed :)

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Well - I have just finished my first run of this challenge - and I feel fab!!! Very pleased with myself - even though I am somewhat red-faced and breathing quite heavily!!!

I am determined to complete this challenge and prove - not only to myself but also my husband and 3 daughters - that I can do it. I am in my late forties, 3 stones overweight and due to start Uni in September and my goal is to be fitter and slimmer when I do :)

I'm also doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge and following a healthy, low-fat eating plan so, with a bit of luck and determination, am looking to shift about 10lbs a month.

Will keep you informed.........................wish me luck!!!

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Congratulations! :)

Thank-you :)

well done you

is there a run to do at the end of every week?

on my app its seems to only have day 1-3 on each week

Hi there :) I'm not sure to be honest - I've downloaded all the Podcasts but I'm just concentrating on Week 1 at the mo. Planning to run on Weds and Fri mornings too then start Week 2 next Monday.

Perhaps someone who-s further along will be able to offer more advice.

Take care :)

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Great, well done you! ... and what a determined and optimistic first blog :)

Age doesn't seem to be any sort of barrier for this programme, and with your other weight objectives, I am sure you'll be just amazing in time for your return to study! Fabulous goals, all the very best to you in the weeks ahead, and yes, keep us posted :D

Cheers, Linda x

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Congrats to you! It is a fabulous training program and just what us "Post 40" year olds need to get our bums off the couch and get fit!

Before you know it your fitness levels will be sooooo improved.


Awh thanks guys - loving the encouragement :)

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Congratulations! I will wish you luck on your blog too. Great to have a goal to motivate you! I run on a mon, wed and sat which means that my days stay consistent and I like the two day break after wed! Good luck! :-)

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windywoo in reply to big-momma

Hi :) I look forward to our reports after our Wednesday runs!!! Take care xxx.

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What a lovely incentive to succeed! Good Luck with your Uni journey too. This programme will certainly help you to keep your mind 'sharp'. Keep coming back to this site because the people here have such a lot of experience and enthusiasm for what we are all trying to achieve - it will rub off on you!

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windywoo in reply to Beek

Thank you :) I'm loving this site already - picked up some good hints and tips too :) xxx.

Well done you,Im also in my mid forties and 3 stone plus overweight. I am on WK4 R1 having had 9 days off, struggled to get back but very glad I am back. Love it! We will keep track of each others progress via this amazing forum which is such a support and keeps me going for certain!

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windywoo in reply to bess123

Hi there :) Congrats on keeping going - it's so easy to give up and I'm my own worst enemy!!! Yes will defo encourage each other - I will report again after my run on Wednesday :) NEVER thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to it!!! Take care :) xxx.

Hi windywoo, as a mid-40s, 3 stone+ overweight and 2 daughters that I can't keep up with either I really love this adaptable programme. I'm on WK1 R2 I'm really pleased to hear from people in the same place as me. It somehow keeps my moving to the next run.

All the best for your next run. We can all do it! :)

Hi Littlehelper :) oh please keep in touch and let me know how you getting on - I'll be doing the WK1 R2 on Wednesday and looking forward to it :)

I've stuck to my diet and done in excess of the 10,000 steps today and feel like this is a challenge I can actually stick with :)

All the best and keep in touch :) xxx.

Hi Windywoo, I'm in week 1 as well. Good luck with the next run - let's hope we all succeed!

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windywoo in reply to jillie100

Hi there :) I'm off for run 2 in a few hours!! How's it going for you?? Xxx.

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jillie100 in reply to windywoo

I did w1r2 on Monday and am planning w1r3 for tomorrow morning. As I have 2 rest days this time I went for a half hour's bike ride just to make sure my muscles don't seize up. Helps that it's a lovely day today here. Good luck with this afternoon's run!

Well done to you! How exciting to be starting this whole new path in your life!

I have two young children and another 1.5 stone to lose. I am also doing Slimming World.

We can all do this. I just did Wk2 run1 and thought I'd be giving up after starting last week. I really surprised myself! It's amazing what we can do if we just go for it!

Kreesh xxx

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windywoo in reply to Kreesh

Thanks for your encouragement :) it's really good to read positive words and I'm hoping to keep on track.

Good luck to you too :)


Well done ! Keep going . You can do it ! 😃

Well done and keep up the effort

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