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Me and Julie! Wk8

So I've finally caught up with the 'Me and Julie' song, again. (It's my second time around) and I think it is my favourite song!!! Run was great, not even gasping for breath and no gremlins again. Where have they gone? S'pose I shouldn't be complaining!! There were a few icy patches which I avoided and just took care when I was running.Tried to run like a 'Ninja,' as in light on my feet, stealth like ;) Read that somewhere, think it's sort of working! Had an extra rest day as my quad still feels strained. It sort of the 'spongy' bit above the inside of my knee that feels tender. I iced it as usual and rubbed some Ibrouprofen gel on it, which sort of helped. It was quite sunny today and made me look forward to Spring, can't wait. I hope all my runs are going to be this manageable...

Ordered running socks to celebrate, and looking at 'Buffs.'

It's been said so many times, but it is achievable, to think running for 5 minutes was exhausting a few weeks ago.


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I do hope you order the "Ninja Buff". Lol.


All the best



Oh no, they actually do one as well! But no, ha ha! :)


I can't wait to hear this Julie song - only just over a week away now!


You will ever love it or hate it! ;)


I liked the Julie song I am sure my pace increased when it was playing as I enjoyed the song so much.


Same here, the music really affects things I think.


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