You and Julie

Truly? Do you want more of you and Julie?

It seems this is, hands down, the most popular song in the whole of the Couch-to-5K series. Questions about it come up perennially, and most of us seem to have fond memories of running to it in Week 8 (and 9, as a warm-up).

Thus, inspired by the discussion from Tonyc123's recent question, I have extracted this song from the C25k podcast into a stand-alone track. If you've had enough of Julie, you can stop reading now... but if you want more, you can download the track here:

If you would like this track, I would advise you to download it now. I don't _think_ that there are copyright issues with me posting the song on it's own, as the original Couch-to-5K podcasts with the song are available to all free of charge. That said, I am no expert on copyright law. It is not my intention to violate copyright, so if I receive a cease-and-desist notice, I will be removing the song immediately.

I've got two more weeks of using the Samantha Murphy Bridge-to-10K podcasts before I start running to my own playlist. When I do, "You and Julie" will definitely be on it! I don't think any of the other C25k songs will be, but this one is fun _and_ makes me feel all nostalgic for my Week 8 & 9 runs amidst the stunning Autumn foliage at Chicago's beautiful Morton Arboretum last October!



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36 Replies

  • Love it thanks, that was my favourite!

    Not many people I can admit that too :-D

  • Awesome! You are quite welcome -- it was my favourite, too! :-)

  • You star! Thank you so much - I love this song to run to!

  • You are quite welcome! It's a fun one! Happy running!!

  • Thanks for introducing me to Julie! I ditched Laura once the intervals stopped but I will add this to my playlist now! :)

  • *gasp* You had never met Julie before?? Wow! Very glad to have filled that gap. As you can see, this is pretty much the one song that nearly everyone doing Couch-to-5K seems to like. I wasn't crazy about the rest of the music, though I must confess that I stuck with the NHS podcasts all the way through. What can I say? By then, Laura's words of encouragement had grown on me! :-)

  • > By then, Laura's words of encouragement had grown on me! :-)

    I was the the opposite. I disliked being told I had run half way, or had only 5 mins left to run. I liked to get into my 'zone' and simply keep going until my 30 misn of music finished.

  • Huh -- that's interesting! Just goes to highlight how different individual styles can be, doesn't it? Right now, halfway through the Bridge-to-10K podcasts, I'm really missing the check-ins. I particularly liked the "one minute warnings", since I could then stop pacing myself and go all out for a final sprint.

    But, hey, it's all good! Whatever gets us happily running, right? :-)

  • hey Iron Matt I assume your using the Sam Murphys B120K podcast. I changed after 2 weeks to another one recently I found on i tunes which has timing warning half way through each run , at 2 mins and at 60 seconds to go, music is ok too

  • Hiya, BC! Yes, you are quite right -- I've been working my way through Samantha Murphy's B210k series. On Week 4 at the moment.

    If you know of another series, please share details? I would be curious and may try it.

    I've also considered ditching the podcasts completely, putting together my own playlist, and running with that as entertainment, with the RunKeeper app giving me my timing updates and telling me when to run and when to walk. After trying the app out yesterday, it seems like it can supply everything Samantha does (and more!). :-)

  • Me too, and I never knew what people were talking about with the 'Julie song'!

  • Me neither, and I'm not just sure I'll ever listen to it again, but now I know what everyone was on about! :-D

    Thanks IronMatt!

  • Ha! Brilliant, thanks for that! I have a massive smile on my face. The memories!

  • :-) I know! Not quite sure how it is possible to feel nostalgia for something that was only three and a half months ago... but there ya go! This song does bring back some lovely memories. Good for running to, too!

  • Hate to admit I haven't run in over a month but can still remember this song and can even remember all the words!!

  • Yup! It's a catchy one, isn't it? ;-)

  • Nooooooooooo! Never again!!

  • *grin* Don't hold back, Mark. Tell us how you really feel! ;-)

  • Starting week 8 next week so will look forward to this song then!! I'm with Ironmatt, not sure I could do it without Laura's encouragement, but I am looking forward to listening to my own music :-)

  • Starting Week 8 next week, huh? Excellent -- you're in the home stretch! I don't know about you, but reaching Week 7 was the point when I absolutely _knew_ I could make it to the end. Getting that far, I figured, easing into the last five minutes would definitely be possible. Well done!

    Not sure what your post-graduation plans are... but it turns out that there are many other podcast options that may keep you listening to the music of others for awhile, if you choose them. Laura and AudioFuel do a nice job on the three 5K+ runs, using more in-house music. In contrast, Samantha Murphy's homemade Bridge-to-10K series uses pop music (mostly recent, but some going back as far as the 80s) for the first five weeks... then leaves you on your own for Week 6. She doesn't offer the same encouragement as Laura, though, only saying when to run and when to walk. So it won't be as big a transition when I move on to my own mix.

    Happy running! :-)

  • Yes I see a lot of graduates are doing the Bridge to 10k series... Right now I'll be over the moon just to finish C25K!! My aim is to complete it before I start working again on Feb 4th. Not sure when I'm going to fit running into the schedule after that though... good luck with the 10k :-)

  • There are quite a few of us pushing for 10K right now. I figure it's probably the effect of a new year... with a bit of momentum from each other. After all, a few enthusiastic people challenging 10K will inspire more people to do the same.

    You're right to focus on finishing C25K before thinking of anything else. Honestly, that's the bigger accomplishment... since, before starting, most of us found 60 seconds of running to be an immense challenge. I know I did! There's plenty to choose between after... but you can make those choices when you're done (and after a period of basking in some well-earned glory for graduating!).

    Happy running! Give my regards to Laura. And Julie. ;-)

  • Just been listening again, blimey it brings back memories of those dark mornings creeping up the road, its a long while since I have run to music.

    A great song, I wish I could find out who did it I am sure I would like more.

  • It does bring back memories, doesn't it? I don't know when you graduated; for me, it was just over three months ago... and yet this song still brings on a sense of nostalgia for those crisp Autumn runs amidst the blaze of coloured leaves.

    You say you don't run to music these days? What do you run to? Audiobooks? Some other podcasts? I can't imagine running in silence -- I think I would go mad from sheer boredom! :-)

  • sorry bit slow with my correspondence these days :-)

    I don't run to anything anymore no; no music or anything. It took a while before I could but I like the simplicity of it just me, my Garmin and my door key. Just a chance to be alone with my thoughts.

    I also tend to go out now with no particular route in mind just run out and around and about for about the right amount of time then head back again. Feels free, I can't be contacted, no one knows where I am, just me and solitude for an hour or two.

  • oh I don't know how you all can praise this cheesy song, all it brought back are memories of the hard slog in trying to reach the end of the programme.

    I for one will never be a way!

  • *giggle* It _is_ cheesy... but fun!

    Sorry you didn't enjoy this one, BC; sounds like it brought back memories for you, too... but less of that pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Ah well, can't please everyone. :-)

    In the end, the important thing is that you did reach the end of the programme. And have done so much more since then, too!

  • Thank you IronMatt- I loved the Julie song last week when i heard it on my 1st week 8 run. I am looking forward to my graduation in early Feb in spite of the weather! Pleased with my progress and the discovery of my 'running' gene considering the max I could do was 3 mins on a treadmill just a few short weeks ago.....

  • Go you! Sounds like you are sooooooo close to the end! That's excellent!

    You'll have plenty of Julie in both Weeks 8 and 9. But now you also have a stand-alone MP3 for when you're done. I'm planning to put together a 70 minute playlist soon for 10K running (including the warm up and cool down, of course). In memory of my Couch-to-5K experience, I think that it will be fitting to place this song right after the 5 minute warm-up, as the very first running track! :-)

  • Thanks for encouragement. Do you plan to share your new playlist? 10k seems so daunting at the minute but....never say never

  • Sure! It's not finished yet, but I can post it when tis done.

    Being a child of the 80s, it's likely to be pretty weighted with music from that era. Which I know isn't to everyone's tastes... but that's fine. Songs like "Summer of 69", "Living on a Prayer", and "Land of Confusion" or all strong contenders to end up on it.

    As for the prospect of a 10k run? Just think about where you are _now_ and how daunting that seemed when you started Couch-to-5K! :-)

  • Thank You IronMatt. 80's music I like too. Looking forward to the 10k then....not!!

  • inspiration in itself to get to hear this song and understand what your talking

  • Wow - thanks for this IronMatt. I've been doing week 8 this week and really enjoying this song. It's also just the right beat - really picks me up and keeps me going. I googled it to try and find it (shazam didn't recognise it) and your post came up. There was one song in week 7 that did a similar thing for me - "I think maybe you don't really live me any more". Not sure why the singers don't make more of their songs when so many of us listen to it. Pretty much all of the other songs were awful although, like you, I liked Laura's words of encouragement. And I found myself talking back to her!

    One more week to go!


  • Just found this post but can't download the track! Gutting! Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or you just can't download anymore!!!

  • At what stage does 'Julie' stop being an earworm???? Stuck in my head constantly!! :-)

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