*Marmite ", Julie".......love it or hate it ???

Well, that's W8 done and dusted....praise be ! Found the first half of each run a bit of a trial ,but looking back I think a lot of that was in my head, aided and abetted by the first half of the podcast which was ..... and there's no polite way to put this,absolutely bloody dire . Just when I needed a boost I get the "Julie" track...WTF ????

I know some of you love it and also it's loathed by many...like Marmite......aaaah,so now you get my drift !!... but personally I think there's no place for such drivel here and all it manages to do is bring you down when you're in dire need of a lift in the early stages of the W8 runs....and when it's followed by what sounds like daleks on speed...oh jeez,need I say more?

I hate to sound like I'm knocking this amazing programme and that's really not my intention here, I'm still using the podcasts right through until the bitter end , but because I want to .

I want to hear Laura's dulcet tones, her encouraging comments and her praise at the end of each run,so I will endure the rubbish tracks that pop up when they are so not required .

That said, the second half of the W8 playlist isn't so bad and I found myself getting into a good rhythm to it and really enjoying the last half of each run( a mental thing again , maybe?).

Off on a totally different tangent now.... fab running gear at Lidl here this week. A few weeks ago I bought running shorts , a t-shirt and capri- length running leggings - thingies (for when it starts to get a bit more chilly) and they are really good !

I bought their trainers a year ago, just for walking -but I've run in them quite happily since starting C25K.

This week I've bought the full-length running pants and a long -sleeved t-shirt...so cheap and the quality is amazingly good.

I'm not..and have never been a ' label freak' ....so I'm more than happy to have acquired adequate running gear over the last few weeks for very little outlay.

I think they stock much the same stuff in the UK at the same time as they do here, so it should all be available now.

Well,at the risk of it sounding like a supermarket - inspired post,what with Marmite,Lidl running gear etc...I'll bid you all goodnight and a ' Bon Weekend' .

Happy running to all, it's W 9 for me next week...please cross everything :)


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29 Replies

  • * Marmite...nearly forgot there.....LOVE IT !!!!!

  • I love 'Julie' - it's funny- it gives me a chuckle on my way round- but I like a bit of punk and our best friends are a couple called Vinny and Julie and it reminds me of them because it's the opposite of them :)

    Well done on completing week 8 and I'm you'll be delighted to know that Julie hasn't finished with you yet :D

  • Gah...I didn't want to know that,Chooks !!!

  • Ha ha! But damn it, now it's in my head again : 0

  • I hated it too! Although I loved some of the other songs. Think of it as a really good incentive to graduate so that you won't have to listen to it ever again! (Although like NineChooks, I am now singing it in my head again).

  • Hi Fletch , woke up with it in my head this morning....that serves me right I suppose !

  • I am with you on julie - I found the last few podcasts rather boring - but wanted to finish with Laura. I have since deleted them all of my ipod - hopefully never to be returned to. But I have happily used the post grad podcasts - and there is no sign of Julie.

    Three more runs and you have done it - go girl :-)

  • Thanks suzy...yes just three now ,is it ridiculous to be getting a bit excited ?

    I too will not abandon Laura now. Which pg podcasts are you using now ?

  • Get excited- its a great achievement.

    I have been using stepping stone and speed ( with a longer run). Both have Laura on and give you something else to aim for. I have looked at stamina - but never tried it. I have also created my own playlists. I have just downloaded the B210k programme and audio fuel pyramid programme .

    Happy running!

  • Thankyou sooz...I'm kind of attached to Laura,so maybe that will be next for me...I've been wondering lately how to go forward ...even though a Parkrun is not an option here,I would like to continue to have a goal to aim for.

  • "Julie" is just about the most intrusive earworm that I have ever encountered and she follows me everywhere. I think I ditched my critical faculties in week 2, just to get through the programme. So having dumped Laura and Julie, (I am a heartless b******d) it is a great relief to run to my own choice of music.

    Good luck with week 9, Carolecal. And of course you should be excited , you are nearly there!

  • Hi Tim, " earworm" ....now that's a great word !

    I will add that to my vocab :)

    Thanks for your support and good wishes .

  • I don't know how ANYONE can say they've had enough of Julie ..........;)

  • Haha....nearly believed you there!

    Still trying to come to terms with the shocking news that she's not finished with me yet :(

  • Ha ha - you and Julie - you and Julie - you and Julie - where was I? Oh yes big high 5 for reaching week 9 Carole!! As for the podcast I'm afraid I just had to bin it off at week 8 and had a lot of fun creating my own play list however hubby who had never listened to any of the other podcasts began listening in week 9 and is still listening at the end of week 10. He's fascinated by it and said it has subliminal messages. Best of luck with week 9 chick I will be cheering you on

  • Hey Mazz ! Now you've got me singing it in my head again ....doh !

    That's freaking me out a bit now....at least listening out for the subliminal messages will take my mind off the first ten minutes when I still struggle a bit.Give us a bit of a clue then ......not scary voices saying "Kill Julie!" by any chance :)

    Thanks for your supportive comments, appreciated muchly :)

    Have a nice weekend x

  • I'm not sure whether the subliminal messages are in the Julie track but hubby said in one of the instrumental tracks he suddenly heard a spooky voice saying 'breeeath' This is the week 9 podcast so listen out for the subliminals. Good luck and keep us posted xxx

  • I go thru' phases, first time I liked it quirky etc, then it really started to annoy me,probably due to the fact I've had to restart c25k a couple of times. The last time I heard it I thought oh this one, it's funny, but halfway thru' I thought argh I can't stand this anymore!!! But I definitely hate Marmite :D

  • It just gets through to me and its not upbeat enough to be part of the playlist.

    Aha...Marmite baby me :)

  • ...it's good for you, I just can't eat it! :) Happy running, you're nearly there, good luck :)

  • Am I the only one that likes julie I sometimes still use week 9 ppdcast as its on there too x

  • Well, I will get to hear it at last...tomorrow morning it's W9 R1 for me ....so I'll get another helping of Julie...and maybe a subliminal message or two !

  • I think it's amazing that you're still listening, I had to (for my sanity) drop the podcasts as soon as we got on to continuous runs, so from W7R1 I had my own playlists. Oh I'm also out and proud I LOVE MARMITE :-)

  • Every time I run to my own music I seem to fail and walk but with laura in my ear I dont lol but mainly use the 5km+ podcasts now maybe I need to find a new laura x

  • Maybe this is because your own music makes you run too fast?? I tried running the other day to a selection of drum and bass tunes, all fine tracks but hell to run to. I was going far too fast!!!

  • Hi Phil...well I'm determined to remain 'Laura loyal' now that I've got this far ....just three more runs ' til the "Big G " for me so I will stick with it. Actually, some of it's been bearable ....and the rest ?....well, I just curse a bit then let my mind wander elsewhere!

  • I love the Julie track!!!!!!!!! Can you buy it? I need it in my playlist!

  • Fee......you are joking me .......aren't you ??????

  • Nope afraid not. I'm serious! It's my sort of music though...........lol, it really isn't popular though is it!!

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