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You and Julie, you and Julie...W8R1

It's getting hard! But the music in W8 is hilariously bad and I'm quite enjoying the cheesieness of it all. I was tired this morning - a bad night's sleep and woke up at 7.15 to the sounds of rain banging against my window. Rolled over and went back to sleep - then at 8 I checked again and saw that the weather had improved! Got up and straight into running clothes and out. It was a bit of a struggle, my legs felt sort of tight (? - hard to explain) and it wasn't until about 15 minutes in that I felt like I had found a stride. Was pretty pleased to hear Laura saying that there was only 5 minutes to go! Ran for 4.25k, so broke the 4km barrier. Really hoping that the additional 2 minutes next week will get me over 4.5, and that then it will just a matter of pushing through the last half k when I race on Sunday week.

The more I do, the better I feel. I also think that it is now when there are longer lengths of running that I feel the difference in my body - I feel a bit more toned. Yesterday I resurrected a dress I haven't worn for a few years out of the drawers and put it on - not half bad! Wore it to work and was relieved that, unlike usually, I didn't have to wear any control pants with it! It's things like that that help me keep going. I had a string of bad dates with a boy just after I had got going on this programme, got dumped 2 months ago. Since then my confidence has been very low, but I'm now feeling a little smug that I'm looking fitter than I have for years and he will get NO benefit from this! Perhaps the best kind of revenge...

I think there are some other W8ers out there - glad to know I'm not alone!

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Well done. Be smug and proud of such sweet revenge.

Magic pants should also be free from NHS :)

Can't wait for Wk8 (next week) only because all you week eighters keep going on about this darn Julie song and I need to know what all the fuss is about. Its one of my primary motivators at the moment!


You'll definitely understand the fuss! And it'll be stuck in your head all day...


there's a bad man in my history too... Sod 'em they not worth our time, we have running and smiling to do :)

It's Julie and then the reggae like tune... Running and giggling is strangely possible :)


I remember when I got to week 8 and Julie came on and I had to laugh out loud that finally I was hearing the famous song!

Well done on getting this far, you'll show that sucker what he's missing out on :)


I think that the music is a bit Eurovision - you know that it isn't the greatest but you get fond of it. I found myself doing Week 1 again because I missed the music! Can't wait for the Julie song!

Congrats on the run. Life is too short for bad dates- if you didn't feel happy he wasn't good enought for you (what bad manners as well). Probably isn't fit enough for you now anyway ...


I won't lie, I'm debating re-doing week 8 instead of moving onto week 9 this weekend just so I can listen to You and Julie a couple more times. I. Love. It.

Well done on showing everyone what the idiot is missing out on!


Well done SaCl - I'm on Week 8 as well and I do wonder if the music will spur me on to week 9 and then finally to listen to my own! Never mind the boy - my mum always used to say "if he's for you he'll not go by you!" :-) I got dumped by the 'love of my life' and was 'heartbroken' in my twenties - and this year will have been married to a truly brilliant man for 25 years!


Damn, got the You and Julie song in my head after reading this. Thanks !

Actually, I've grown rather fond of it.....


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