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W7R2 - A new soundtrack makes all the difference! Sorry Laura!

After I had so many problems with W7R1 I decided to try my own soundtrack. So far I didn't mind the music of the podcasts, I actually do like a few of the songs (don't judge me).

Thanks to Jog.fm which got recommended on here I found a few songs that fit my best pace from my last run which was 6:25. I added a few which sounded about right.

In case you're curious, here's my list:

1. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (It's nearly 6min, I start running at the 5min mark)

2. U2 - Beautiful Day (nice song to start out with)

3. Steppenwolf - Born to be wild (nice beat to really get into the run)

4. Robert Palmer - Addicted to love (as above, a nice steady beat)

5. Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (this song is the half way marker and as it feels like the rest of the run is looming high above me I find this quite fitting)

6. Florence & The Machine - No Light No Light (a bit depressing, but it reminds me that the though bit is over once the song is finished)

7. Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (a really nice song to finish to especially with the chorus bit that tells me to run)

That's exactly 30min and then The Verve starts up again for the cool down walk.

My distance this time was 4,38km (so only 20min more than my terrible run) and my average pace was down to around 7min/km on the bits without walking. The good thing though, I held it through-out the run and I felt splendid afterwards. It was around 3-4 degrees hotter this time around, so that might factor in as well.

So only one more run left in Week 7. I still can't believe I made it this far and that I'm actually able to run for 25min. It seems like yesterday when I could barely manage 1min...

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I think I'm going to take a page out of your book and use my own soundtrack for W7R2. I too had a horrible time with W7R1 and I'm convinced the soundtrack wasn't helping! I've got a running watch so I'll make a playlist, start my watch and run for 25. Sounds much more appealing! I'm glad you had a lovely run, it gives me hope!


Usually I really didn't mind the music, but Week 7 was really abysmal. Good look with your own playlist!


I didn't like the music on the week 7 podcasts so ran to my own music for the first two runs and then did run 3 to the week 8 podcast. I intended to stop at 25 mins but carried on and did the full 28!


I'm just happy with my 25 at that point. 28 will come fast enough :) Congrats an being ahead! So the music on the podcast for week 8 is better again? I might actually take a listen before it's time for my first run of week 8.


I still plan to do the 3 runs of week 8. If I don't ill feel like I've cheated and skipped a week! I think the music is better in week 8.


Thanks for the heads-up! I'll give it a try!


I don't listen in advance, so each week is a surprise, my next run will be week 3 run 2, I don't think week 3's music is as good as week 2's. I will await my surprise when week 4 comes around :)


There's usually a good mix of songs with a few memorable ones, that you look forward to by run 2, but the soundtrack to week 7 was completely unmemorable :( Well, at least it was for me.


I completely agree I completed week 7 run 2 today and was really hard going as the soundtrack is Pants !!!

At least the other weeks have had some sing along tunes , I too am rally looking forward to making my own play list.

I really hopes it helps to occupy my mind as today I felt I had gone back to the stage where I pray for Laura to tell me to stop ( even though I knew its wasn't going to come ) and I just couldn't think about anything else ............please tell me your own music helps !!??


I think that my own music helps me a lot mentally, but I can't really say if it helps me performance wise as there's no one cheering me on.

I can also see that after two runs the music would become quite stale if I don't switch it around a bit. And I don't want to think of my favourite songs as "Oh god, not that song... that means I'm only halfway through", on the other hand the songs I chose for my finale do help me to keep pushing, but it's definitely a love/hate thing after two runs.

I'll give Laura a try again for W8R1 to see how the music in that week is, but I think I will be switching back to my own songs for the other two runs.


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