Couch to 5K

W9R1 just me 'n' Julie :)

Off we go on our graduation week 1. Out of the door into a confident stride to warm up, quick hello to the neighbours, this is it, I'm 2 runs away from finishing and ...... oh bugger I just realised I haven't downloaded the week 9 podcast! Slunk back home downloaded and out again.

The weather gods were kind to me and I started my run with mostly overcast, coolish weather and my chest was so utterly thankful. Must be something about dog encounters today as I have read a few members have had them, but I had 3 little yappers trying to trip me up near my halfway turn point. I kept my cool and run on ... with one of the lady owners dogs in barky company, eventually turning to head back to return her dog before I disappeared into the distance. I was gracious and waved as said dog made it's way back to relieved owner; nothing was going to spoil this run which was going great. Nothing and nobody halted me in my endeavour to reach 30 mins and I even upped my pace for the last minute or so.

That's it! Done and my final week of the program under way. Polish up that grad badge for me admin I'll be along to collect very soon ;)

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Good luck 1 down 2 to go, finish line is in sight, well done. Your comments about little dogs reminded me of a time when I yappy terrier decided to join me on a run, barking like mad but thankfully not snapping like they sometimes do. The woman shouted out "stop running or he will follow you" my reply was "That's not my problem you should be able to command your dog to come to heal" and kept on running. She was very lucky I was doing my hill loop route as the little guy kept up with me right the way around, even though I said shoo many times. She was very relieved to get him back although I'm not sure who's breathing was worse mine or the terror, oh sorry terrier. :)


Hi Ryansson, we sound to have had similar experiences today with following dogs! Only 2 more runs to go for us. That feels fantastic! I didn't manage a proper speed up, only a slight one. But I did do it all and I'm still feeling chuffed to bits!

Good Luck for the last 2 runs - hope they are as good as today's!


Well done ryansson!! 2 more to go!! Hope admin have a couple of these badges waiting for me and beek too!! Can't believe how far we have all come in such a short period!


Thanks all. Long weekend off for me and then back to it on tuesday :)

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Hi, all three of you just above - Beek, Muzikalbadger and Ryansson ... All heading off to graduation together - amazing, and your journeys weren't scuppered by the lousy breakdowns of this website and your support network ... Well done all of you. I'll be looking out for your blogs next week :D

Lots of good wishes for great weather, steady breathing, jolly music and a complete lack of yappy dogs! Happy running ;)

Cheers, Linda x


Hi Linda,

Thank you for your good wishes, and guess what? I am LOOKING FORWARD to my next run!!! This is a first for me and I am so relieved to feel this way.

My message to all the newbies, who may be doubting - the way I was, stick with it because once the pleasurable feelings do kick in then you will feel ABSOLUTELY GREAT! Promise! It's a big thing we are doing here but worth every moment and all the effort pays off in the end!

Happy running everyone! And many thanks for all the supporting posts which have been a HUGE incentive to persevere.


Great progress. It must be Julie driving you on!


The end is in sight! Going great guns there, Ryansson, Beek and Muzikalbadger, must be the day for dogs today, the butterfly route was renamed dog route today, lots of the little puppies running around, still all really well behaved no obsessive jumpers :-)

Be proud of yourselves, look how far you have all come and how well you are all doing:-)


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