Me, Julie and an Inclinous Fiend

Me, Julie and an Inclinous Fiend

Ahoy fellow runners,

I'm just in from my run and feeling VERY JOLLY INDEED :D

Today was my first proper run since graduating B210K a week ago today. I looked forward to my run most of the day, like a dog about to be let off the leash that was intervals with Sami. Don't get me wrong, I loved intervals with Sami (mostly) but after 6 weeks or so the thought of another kind of run entirely was very enticing.

Today was hills. I decided, for old times sake to take Laura out with me, and play through W9 as I ran. This of course meant saying hello to Julie during my warm up walk, and she was as delightful as ever. As I basked in the joys of Julie, I made my way over to the BGH (Bloody Giant Hill) I'd been eyeing for today's run. About 750m long and the type of hill that you often see cyclists pushing bikes up and cars grinding into second on. It really is a BGH.

Off I went, run up the traffic light, walk to the bus stop, run to the top, swing like a child around the lamppost and back down again. Repeat. In just over Laura's 30 minutes I managed this frankly barmy routine 3 and a half times. The lovely Gretta tells me I covered 4.43 Km and more importantly gained 111m in elevation! That might be more than all my past runs put together.

Well, I did get a few funny looks, but I blooming loved it. BGH, a Monday evening and some drizzle, what more could a girl want. I thoroughly recommend giving something similar a go- if you're as bonkers as I am, you're bound to enjoy it :)

Happy running me hearties,

Emily :)

P.s. I was confused to see that this run had burnt a very similar amount of calories to my runs in W9, despite being so hilly. I'm not especially looking to burn calories, but I normally have a peek as an indication of how hard I've worked. Anyway for you Forerunner 10 users it turns out that if your watch has no HRM then calories are calculated using a very basic equation based around Mass x Distance. It won't account for how hard you are working to propel yourself up that hill just the distance you cover, but we'll know ;)

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  • Fantastic Emily! That is some serious hill running. Very well done. Hope you've got the foam roller ready to deal with any after effects :) x

  • I don't have one in my possession Ancient Mum :o

    I did however double my usual pithy stretching time... *crosses fingers*

    Thanks though, very good fun indeed.

  • Thanks KittyKat I hope you do too. It was a great rush, probably had my heart rate higher than any run I've done for ages- that has to be good for you :)

  • P.s. This run only appears to have used the same amount of calories as a 30 minute run on the flat according to Gretta. Is that right, or does she not account for the up hill struggling?

  • Great stuff, Em, and a brill write-up as ever. :-)

    BGHs are great fun, aren't they? That really was some hill too! At least you had nice cooling drizzle to help. :-) I agree with you: hills and rain are what we make of them; they're fun in my book.

    I recommend a foam roller too, by the way. Mine has helped; I've been using it to help with the quad tightness of yesterday.

    Not a single clue as to whether the Garmin accounts for BGHs!


  • Thanks Miles_Yonder. It was fun, fun, fun and a great start to the new programme :)

    I think I'll ask my housemate if she can commandeer me a foam roller from the gym she works at, it might be necessity if BGH and I are to continue seeing each other.

    Take care and happy 'rumming', Emily :)

  • P.s. t'internet has solved the calorific mystery, see my above edit :)

  • I take my hat off to you... hills are seriously hard work!! It looks like you tackled some serious hill running today.

  • Thanks Vixchile, it was tough, but the time just flew by in comparison to my long runs. Maybe you should find a BGH near you now you're a graduate :)

  • LOL - i look outside i have the andes, so there are plenty of hills around us (the city its self is flat) - but i will do build up to running in the parque metropolitano which i think is hilly in places (haven't explored it all) all i know is at top there is a statue of the Virgin Mary - not quite rio but similar idea-

    I think i need to find a friendly hill!

  • Gosh that sounds like hard work! Still, no pain no gain . Well done Keenan

  • Thanks MissWobble, the pain might be yet to come, when I try and get out of bed in the morning :D

  • You really don't want pain - trust me!

  • Well done Emily,

    Hills are on my to do list too, just waiting for the weather to cool.... and it's not the Gremlins stopping me, but it's too hot for the dog who would not forgive me if I went running without him!

  • Take care Keenan when doing stuff that might strain the knees. I put the exercise mat on the floor for those - to take some of the pressure off - and I don't bang my legs down as hard on the floor as they appear to do on the DVD. We need our knees for our running!

    Many of the exercises show modifications for dodgy knees anyway

  • I do not wish to place a dampener on your great efforts and obvious pleasure with your gains, however PLEASE - do be careful that introducing hills will increase your session significantly and if it adds too much too quickly you may be risking injury. Caution is needed.

  • Thanks Beek :) No pain this morning, thankfully, although a little all round tiredness. I'm only going to take on a GBH session once every week or couple of weeks as part of my new programme and I will approach with caution. I don't want a visit to the injury couch :)

  • Way to go Em! Sorry I missed this... So much for us running together eh? You'll keep me on my toes now! Well done... great time! Happy running!

  • Phew - just noticed we are still together... Yay!

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