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Journey to 10k.....just a quickie ;)

Well last Sunday I finished wk2 off with a 50min run. It was tough (a few times I told myself five more mins and you can stop but didn't, promising myself all sorts of thing to get me through lol) ....what you perhaps gain in ease from the treadmill having less joint impact you loose a million times over in boredom and fresh air or rather a lack of it. But still i ran for 50 mins.......i would never have thought this possible! On the upside however, it meant that my first lot of Fartlek (pardon me) was better as I could really see what I was doing speed and hill wise. I did a warm up (a bloody fast one because on of the trainers climbed on the front of my treadmill and turned it up 'till I panted....git) and then 23 mins (I had adrenalin so kept going after the 20) hill sprints on what I found to be a tough incline. It was great!! I would sprint(effort level 9-10) for a min then walk 30 seconds then sprint 2mins then jog (effort level 6-7) for 2mins and then repeat again. This is something "the git" ;) devised for a first session and within a couple of sets I found my normal long slow run pace aka jog was uncomfortably slow.....amazing. For anyone interested in the numbers I am very slow and my normal race pace is 7.5k per hour on the 'mill. I don't worry about being slow as I am, despite loosing 10lbs, still very overweight. Instead I use the numbers as a marker of me doing my best and take great delight when I see an improvement in fitness. So hopefully the intervals will shave a bit off my time so I won't need so much endurance :) in reality if I make it round in less than an hour 20 which seems about right for my current speed then I will be delighted!

After the running we did some crazy circuits which almost finished us off, even my super fit friend collapsed on the floor. There is a gang of us doing an hour weights class later so I a thankful that I have not kept to my old training plan of running long and hard 3 days a week!! Boy that would have been killer.'s another long one isn't it lol. Well that's it really I just wanted to feedback to myself and anyone who is interested on the intervals/speed play. Apparently the true definitions are that Fatlek is random intervals and intervals are more a consistent pattern, I have no idea.....I am just trying really hard to get to 10k and improve a bit so it doesn't take all day!

Sorry if it seems a bit of a muddle, that's just the way my brain operates ;)

Including this week I have 5 wks to race day.....and i am SO counting!

Wishing you all well....Jems x

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From one long blogger to another, nice post! :-)

It's really interesting to read, since you are approaching the 10K training from a completely different method that I am! So keep on running... and writing long ones like this!


Cheers Matt, hope you are resting up today and not in too much pain :)


Thanks! Not in tonnes of pain, but definitely still injured. :-(

After some reading, it sounds like I may have gotten a "calf sprain". If my self-diagnosis is right, it will mean several weeks without running. I'm not thrilled by the prospect... but at least swimming and cycling should be okay during the recovery.

I've been swimming on my rest days from running, so that I alternate swim, run, swim, run, etc. Nice to know that the swim part can continue! And I've not been doing any cycle training, which will also be necessary to complete my goal of an Olympic distance triathlon.

I'll have a chat with my GP before making any decisions. Having run yesterday, today was scheduled to be a "rest day" from running, anyway. I really don't want to give up running -- even for only a few weeks -- but at least I can continue swimming and start cycle training in the interim, if it becomes necessary.


I know :( it's so hard and very frustrating but worth the investment to ensure good healing. Also a period of rest can really rejuvenate the legs and top up the glycogen stores which can improve performance.

I was off for two weeks before Xmas after a nasty asthma attack, not caused by running lol but by my partner making me laugh! I just tried to make the most of it as it sounds like you will by cross training. I was surprised at how well I was able to continue and only repeated one week. Whatever happens you will returning to running and will continue to succeed in your goals.

Best of luck with your GP too....


No muddling at all, I completely understood all of it...well most of it! Sounds like your doing great and I look forward to more updates. You should be very proud of yourself!! Gayle


Ah thanks Gayle! I am indeed proud. Have you guys started your 10k journey yet?


Starting week 3 later today! We are following a 6 week plan. This old body feels every step as we progress!!!! :-) Hang in there!!!!


Oh wow great stuff! I bet your body feels fitter and tighter tho ;)


Makes sense to me too. It is amazing how there are a number of us currently doing 10k training but all doing following different programmes.

Mine is quite straight forward the mileage just keeps creeping up:-

Week 1 - 3 easy runs of 3 miles, 3.5 miles and 4 miles

Week 2 - 4 easy runs 3.5 miles, 4 miles, 2 miles and 4.5 miles

Week 3 - 4 easy runs 4 miles, 4.5 miles, 2 miles and 5 miles

Week 4 - 4 easy runs 4.5 miles, 4 miles, 2 miles and 5 miles

Week 5 - 4 easy runs 4.5 miles, 4 miles, 2.5 miles and 5.5 miles

Week 6 - 4 easy runs 4.5 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles and 6 miles

Week 7 - 3 easy runs 4.5 miles, 3 miles and 6.5 miles and a 4 mile hill run

Week 8 - 3 easy runs 4.5 miles, 3 miles and 6.5 miles and a 4 mile hill run

I have a 5 mile run to do on Sunday, I have never run that far before (and therefore for that long) hoping to be able to do that outside as the boredom may set in on the treadmill. My Yaktraxs should have arrived by then so even if it's a bit icy should still be able to go out.

Everyone keep up the good work.


Oh wow good luck for your 5mile run! Do you have any idea how long it will take you?


Well from one mudblood, muddleloved, Joe Bazooka to another, good luck on the next 5 weeks.

Does that make sense, well of course it does I hear you cry!

All the best



Thanks Dale! Mudblood's rule :)

Best of luck with your running too!


As someone who trained for 10K by doing intervals and long easy runs I understand your post. It sounds like your trainer has created a good programme for you.


Unfortunately I don't have a trainer but this guy was a bored gym employee who I was very appreciative of! I had the program pre planned but felt too harsh to say anything as it was so kind of him to help. The main thing is the result was great.


I think it all sounds terribly impressive - I take my slightly sweaty post run woolly hat off to you!


*bows* why thank you sir :)


Hey guys :) I have just returned from my late night body pump class to all your lovely comments. I will reply properly tomorrow but I just wanted to let you know that my tired self is smiling and appreciating your kind words!

Pilates in the morning a trip up the apples and pears for me now......

Jems x


well done you and thanks for the great post. I just had a 'Eureka' moment (should that be 'an' not 'a'?), as I reaslised the difference between Fartleks (pardon me - that made me chuckle) and intervals.

All this talk of Fartleks and hill training has inspired me to do a session on the treadmill, where I can control the gradient and pace for a session, I think that's just what I need. It will fit in perfectly on Monday before my yin yoga, and I can have a swim and steam in between, just perfect :-D

Ooooohhh, thank you Jems! I'm all fired up again now :-)



Oooooh yin yoga sounds lovely! How does it differ from regular yoga? I have started doing Pilates gain to stretch in between running and weights sessions.

I really enjoyed my session and hope you do too. It cut through the boredom of long treadmill runs and gave me lots of happy hormones after :) Just be sure to stay super hydrated as i am sure you will because at the correct intensity it is killer! Also perhaps take something to nibble (a banana?) to restore you before yoga. Wow sounds like the best session ever, can't wait to read your post.....

Thanks for your lovely comments

Jems x


Hey Thanks for that post, i am signed up for a 10K in may , haven't run for a few weeks but will be doing a 2nd run since graduation tomorrow, and hopefully it'll all be ok :-) .......your post is an inspiration, my mind works like that too :-)


Lol that's fab! Best of luck with the run tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out for our blog :)


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