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Wk 9 r1 40 mins.....(10k training wk 1) confused? So am I ;)

So this wk is the first week of my 10k training. Having run for three lots of 30 last week (does that mean i have graduated) I felt ready to tackle my first long run. It was wonderful.....I am still indoors whilst my asthma is settling so I covered the timer thingy with my towel,relaxed, breathed and settled into the run. Of course it was tough in parts but I found it far preferable to last wk (deliberate avoidance of using the word easier) so was very happy. I covered just over 6k including the warm up and cool down so ran more than 5k for the first time in my whole life! If I wasn't so worried about this 10k and sworn off the drink till it's over I would throw a party for myself In celebration and wonder. Instead we took a walk to Starbucks and I grinned all day :)

To anyone who is starting out out or going through a tough patch please keep at it, one run at a time. I have been overweight all my life and not particularly fit until the last few years so if I can do it you definitely can! For me giving up and failure would have felt far worse than anything a run could throw at me and I will use that to help me toward my 10k goal.

My schedule for anyone interested:

Wk 2 - runs 1 & 2 35mins speed intervals 3 mins normal pace 1 min max pace run 3 50mins

Wk 3 - runs 1 & 2 45mins speed intervals 3 mins normal pace 1 min max pace run 3 60mins

Wk 4 - runs 1 & 2 55mins speed intervals 3 mins normal pace 1 min max pace run 3 70mins

Wk 5 - runs 1 & 2 65mins speed intervals 3 mins normal pace 1 min max pace run 3 80mins or 10 k

Wk 6 - runs 1 & 2 75mins speed intervals 3 mins normal pace 1 min max pace run 3 80mins or 10 k

Wk 5 - runs 1 & 2 50mins run 3 race day!

I will see how I go with the above but would love to hear anyone else's thoughts or experiences with 10k training

Happy running :)

Jems x

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I would imagine that definitely means you've graduated, with knobs on!! ;-) Hope being indoors in meaning your not joining me on the ventolin induced tachychardia team!!

Good luck with the 10k training :-)


Ha! Yes still need it just not quite so frequently. Being indoors is very dull so hope to be out again soon but have to be sure as last time ended up on steroid pills and a running ban

Wasn't sure about graduation as haven't completed wk 9 but if you are right woooop how cool!! What do I do to get a badge?

Hope your runs and lungs improve soon Sian


I think you message JR21 to get your badge. Not sure, I'm a LONG way off that yet!


Tis very surreal, the last thing I remember is doing 90 second shuffles, gasping for air with my daughter cycling along side me shouting "you can do it mum!"

Thanks Sian will MSG JR21...


Congratulations! Contact JR21 in administration and he will badge you up! We just started 10K training as well. GOOD LUCK! Gayle


Done :) thanks Gayle and best of luck with your 10k training. Have you got a race planned?


No race scheduled here yet! In our area, we are Lucky to have 5K's, let alone 10K's! I foresee a road trip in our future! Gayke


Since you asked ;-) personally I think you're doing too much in your 10K training plan! I followed a plan similar to this10K plan in Runner's World, but based on times, not distances for Runs 1 and 2. I started at week three as I'd already run 6k by the end of C25K.

Run 1 - Intervals run - about 20mins of running 1 min fast/1 min recovery.

As I progressed through the 10K plan I sometimes sandwiched the 20mins intervals session with 10 minutes of easy running before and 5 to 10 min after the 20 mins of intervals. I know 20 mins does not sound long, but if you're really running fast, it takes considerable effort. This is why it is recommended you only do intervals once a week.

Occasionally I substituted a hill training session for the intervals, as I knew the 10K I was training for had a hill (~100m ascent over 1.5km)

Run Two - Tempo Run - about 45 - 50 mins. This is running at a 'comfortably hard' pace. To gauge your intensity:

* Recent Race: Add 30 to 40 seconds to your current 5-K pace

* Heart Rate: 85 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate.

* Perceived Exertion: An 8 on a 1-to-10 scale (a comfortable effort would be a 5; racing would be close to a 10).

Run Three - Long, Slow Distance Run - your times for this seem fine to me. Just make sure you run slow enough to hold a conversation.

This was my favourite run each week. The others felt like *training* sessions, but this was easy and fun.


Just to clarify: when I say "personally..." this is not based on my opinion, but on what I've read from many 'net sources and several running books.


Cheers swanscot, your advice is much appreciated. Will have a good look at what you have written tomorrow and may have some questions.


I hope I didn't come across as being too critical of your plan.

I know I've shared this link before here, but I found the information on the Good Run Guide re % of each type of run / week useful:

I know I had to revise the time/distance I'd planned to run at Tempo rate, to a lower figure after reading this and other sites. In fact the book I was reading this morning (as I sat with my leg up and an ice pack on my quads) suggested the fast runs (both tempo and intervals runs) should be less than 10% of the weekly distance.

This article in Runner's World gives a bit more

"Quality not quantity: Speed training should not account for more than 15 per cent of your total mileage. So slot in your speed sessions around the regular work you’ve been doing all along. "


Hey swanscot you did not come across critical. I asked for opinions and you gave yours. I m still trying to get my brain around all the info on the subject whilst trying not to worry to much about it all!

I think I am beginning to understand the different terms and exertion levels now. As I have mentioned previously I am very slow (5k 40mins) but this will not stop me working hard to improve. I train 6 days a week doing weights and Pilates classes between runs. Following your great advice I will now do r1 - intervals (20 mins plus a light jog if I am upto it) r2 - tempo (will check out your links for a good calculation) r3 - long run as above increasing weekly to improve endurance but running slower than usual.

I guess I am not alone in thinking initially that one should run longer and faster at each session 3 days a week in order to reach goal so it will take a bit of trust to slow down on run 3 and do less for the tempo run. I know the intervals are killer lol so we will say no more on those ;)

I am so scared as I only started running for the first time in my life in November with couch to 5k but I am also very determined and not afraid of hard work so it will be interesting to see what can be achieved between now and race day - March 3rd!

Thanks again for taking the time to help me train smarter. It is much appreciated!



Here's a useful thread where others shared similar ideas (I meant to highlight it earlier, but couldn't find it):


Yes I read that this morning, a great article indeed


P.s sry it took me ages to reply I was getting my head around all the info :)


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