JUst curious as to peoples running speads

Hi i actually just started this well kind of I am a frequent 20-25 min jogger but cant quite make the 30 mark and have started on week 4 which for me is a bit easy i feel like i could have run more at the end of the session (have done 2 so far) I generally run at 6.0mph and then walk at 4.0mph (i am a treadmill runner) and just curious as to what speed everyone runs at am i a bit slow? because when i finish it i will be doing 3 miles not 3.1 in 30 mins....

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  • Don't worry about your speed, it'll come (or not) it just matters that you're moving.

    (I run 1km in 5 mins for 5 km and closer 1km in 6mins for 10km and greater. Sorry, don;t know the imperial...)

    In the beginning 5km used to take me 45 minutes, now it's 25

  • You're obviously well fitter than me! I'm in middle of wk5 and walking at 3.2mph and running( if you can call it that!) at 3.7 mph. Bit of a slow one ... Dreaded run 3 tomorrow.

  • As soon as you have done it you will feel great jacq2710 I have every faith in you!!!! As i said before i am generally quite fit just doing this to break my 30 mins barrier i have always jogged at this speed ever since high school (im only 21) 20 mins i can comftably do infact i think for week 4 your only supposed to do 3 lots of 5 mins running?? I actually do 5 min run 3 min walk 5 run 3 walk 5 run 3 walk and then 6 run to finish off the half hour and because it didnt seem like a challange otherwise i think i should have started on week 5 tbh...

  • I wasn't worrying about my speed until I finished the 9 weeks, don't let it become an obsession point! Run as you feel comfy with :)

  • I am slowing down so I can run for 30 min continuously. I'm the same and aiming at increasing speed after I have reached the running for 30 mun mark. Currently I am wk 7. I feel it better to exercise for 30 min without a break then work up to 5k in 30 min. Well done crox for getting it from 45 to 25. I would love to do the same eventually.

  • I'm on w8r2 and run outdoors so i can't be too accurate as to distance however, last week i ran along a fixed circuit and subsequently clocked it to 1.6 miles ?2.5 kilometers in 25 minutes. I feel it's more important to sustain the time of the run rather than worry about the distance covered. I am hopeful that I maybe able to increase my speed as time goes by but if not does it really matter as long as your doing it. I am able to speed up for the last 60 seconds - since week 7 and I know that althogh not measured I,ve noticed that the distance has increased if only slightly.

  • An app called map my run is good if you want to measure how far your running

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