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Week 6 of 25; Training plan for 10K

This is week 6 of my couch to 10 km Training plan that I am following using my Endomondo App.

Yesterday's attempt was dire for several reasons, principally that the treadmill in the Virgin Active Gym that I use are shyte to manage compared to the Life Fitness treadmills in my opinion at least. But for interval training, I do prefer the treadmill as the machine forces you to sprint at that speed for the duration of the interval.... But I did do some intervals on the tread mill and went for a swim afterwards, ~10 lengths in a 25 meter pool.

But I am aiming to go out at lunch time and catch up on yesterday's run.


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I did it..

And then had an induction at the gym for core exercises after work and a few lazy lengths.....


Ive just begun a 5-10k programme with run keeper and did the gentle 2 mile run in stony silence except for the bored sounding automaton advising me of statistics at 5 minute and mile intervals. Once I'd realised I hadn't loaded any music( it's not automatic as I assumed it would be) I was already committed. Ho hum. Actually as I strive to run as flat a distance as I could I was pleased that I found a rhythm fairly quickly. Lack of Audiofuel meant my pace was not consistent but I'm taking that as a baseline on which to improve. The programme is 61 sessions so demands a lot of commitment. I think I might listen to books on these "slow" runs and find some pacer music for running. These "slow" runs are the best I can do!! I have no real choice on pace! Even following the c25k+ speed podcast is the correct pace but ever shorter strides! One unlocked for bonus is that RK speaks to my Fitbit.

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I was in a conundrum deciding if to do the C25 or the C210K!

Whilst I am still struggling with running with out some walking strides, because I was a lot fitter when I was younger, my natural pace is faster than than the 8km per mile pace the app suggests. The 'faster runs' that the app suggest is closer to my current running speed.

So what I tend to do on some runs is to make my own sessions up using the Interval training on my endomondo app to make my runs slightly more challenging.

Today should be a ~4 miler (7kn) but it is currently rather wet outside... So may wait till this evening and go to the gym instead if it is still raining hard



I hope it clears up tomorrow, or it might be a long distance swim! I've got to do a 3 mile slow run tomorrow, and see how that goes without music!

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But I find these slow runs hard as the pace is below my 'natural' running pace'!!

Best of luck :)



I was a god lad and went out at lunchtime in a slight lull, thought the rain soon started again in earnest, and the lanes and paths were inches in water; my socks were white when I put them on, and a mild chocolate in colour when I removed them

But I ran 6.7km in just under 48 minutes...


Well Yesterday was my final day of week 6.

I didn't go for a run on Friday mixture of a tinge inmy lower back and laziness.

But today, my c210K app suggested that I should do a 5km run at 8 min km pace.

If only I could run that slow. I ended up completing 10 km in ~69 minutes, running slowly the first 2.5 k and then running every km with a 250 m walk in between.

Today is starting week 7!!


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