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Graduated on New Year's Day!

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Hello everyone, well I finally ran week 9 run 3 yesterday. I'm so happy and proud of myself for achieving what I thought was impossible. It has been a long road, with an injury right at the very start but after a month's rest I started the programme again. My target was to finish before Christmas, but life and the weather got in the way however what better day to graduate - New Year's Day!!! I must admit that I had a tear in my eye towards the end of the run. This fantastic programme which I stumbled across has literally changed my life. I feel healthier, fit for the first time in years AND I have lost loads of weight! What a result! When people look at me and tell me I look fantastic and notice how much weight I've lost, I feel so happy. I wouldn't say I've particularly enjoyed going out in the wind and rain and ice the last few months but boy has it been so worth it!! I know this is just the start - the story is not going to end here. My next challenge is to run 5k in 30 minutes, I'm nowhere near that yet. After that, I will build on speed and distance and maybe sign myself up for a race. I would just like to thank everyone here for all their words of advice and encouragement. You kept me going when I was at my lowest and shared in my moments of joy after reaching a particular milestone. I think the highlight was going for my penultimate run on Christmas Day. Anyway, thank you - I couldn't have done it without you! I am so proud to say I'm a RUNNER!!

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Fantastic, very well done :) What are you going to do to reward yourself?

in reply to Cazvs

Thanks Cazvs, that's a very good question, I think I will reward myself with a tshirt and will wear it with pride!


Well done fantastic what a great way to start the new year. You are a runner :-D

in reply to rolphie2

Thanks rolphie2!! Start as I mean to go on!


What a great day to finish on! Well done:-)

in reply to Hidden

Thank you Isabella123, even the weather was kind to me for once.


Brilliant Esprit and congratulations on your graduation! A great start to the new year and a new you!! You are indeed a runner and have every right to feel very proud of what you have achieved. Go get your badge now, enjoy the moment and celebrate!!

Sue x

in reply to SBG356

Thanks Sue, I'm looking forward to being awarded my badge.


Hey you, well done! I am two runs behind you! It is amazing to think of what you have done. Enjoy to great feeling of achievement and keep runnings. Isn't it fun to actually be able to use the label 'runner'. Makes me smile just to think of it. That title has always applied to other people, not us! Well done and happy New Year, Runner.

in reply to MaryDerry

Thanks Mary, it's such a good feeling! Enjoy your final 2 runs, you're nearly there now!! Happy New Year to you too, Runner!!


Cheers! Lifting a drink in celebration of all you've achieved!! I can visualize you beaming from ear to ear and very well deserved! Go get that badge!!!! Gayle

in reply to gdeann

Thanks Gayle. Your support throughout has always been very much appreciated.


Excellent! We were doing our final run on the same day. Great feeling.

in reply to jrwtc

Fantastic jrwtc - Congratulations on your achievement. Now for the next challenge, onwards and upwards!!


Congratulations - and what a great way to finish! All the best with your next goal - you can do that, too :)

in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks Annie, happy running!


Congratulations, Esprit. Congratulations on so many levels!! First, congratulations on completing the program!! It is an amazing achievement and one to be very proud of!! Also, congratulations on the weight loss. I know how hard it can be not only to lose the weight, but also to keep it off!! The new fitter and healthier lifestyle has to look good on you, so enjoy every wonderful comment that others offer!! You most certainly deserve to be noticed and complimented!!!

You are oh, so right about the program not ending here. Graduation isn't an end, but just the first step in this little lark that we call running!! You are indeed a RUNNER!! Healthier, fitter and a that is how you start a year off right!!

Congratulations, again!!

Keep Running!!


in reply to smhall

Aww Steve, thanks to you and Gayle for getting me through this. You have both been there for me (and many others) every step of the way. Your comments supported and motivated me to reach the finish line. Thank you.

Congratulations! What an achievement! It's great to be so much fitter and healthier 😁

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