Sharing my special day - W9R3 done.....Yippee

Its seems like loads of people have graduated today - I think a slap on the back is well deserved for all of us! I honestly can't believe I've got there - it has taken me an extra week but I really feel fantastic about my achievement. I went out this morning in the wind and rain in the air but I tried my hardest. I managed 4.57KM which I am really proud off - I'm sure if I carry on with the 30 minutes I'll get to 5KM. I would recommend this programme to anyone. I hadn't run since school, over 20 years. I'm not sure that I have lost any weight or inches but my head space is so much clearer and the endorphin rush makes me smile every time. Its hard to explain how I feel but I'm sure that you all know what I hubby came home from work with a rosette 'Couch to almost 5K'....I'm wearing it with pride!

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  • Congratulations on a great achievement very well done x

  • Thanks x

  • From one seaside girl who graduated today to another, congratulations

  • I'm sure its harder by the sea - I reckon I've only done my run twice with no wind......Congrats yourself, keep it up...!

  • Congratulations on your graduation and happy running ! x

  • Thanks x

  • well done :) CONGRATULATIONS! )and what a nice thought by your hubby! I'm by the seaside too, invigorating, pretty, but often blustery! :X

  • Yeah...its really odd when it flat does make me laugh when you think 'this is alright' then when you turn around you realise you're running back into a gale!!!!

  • Congratulations on a great accomplishment. Well done and happy running.

  • Thanks...fingers crossed I still make progress x

  • Oh I'm sure you will. Just keep setting new exciting goals for yourself. Or just enjoy the satisfaction of running regularly.

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Thanks x

  • Congratulations. I bet you feel wonderful - and what a lovely hubby you have!

  • Thanks...sometimes....x

  • Congratulations to you and all recent graduates - there has been loads! It's a great feeling and will hopefully lead to some great running times.

    :-) xx

  • Well done... enjoy your special day .. hope you get as much enjoyment with all your future runs :-)

  • Oh wow

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