Post grad goals - 1 down 1 to go and goals for 2013

I graduated on my birthday at the beginning of October and since then have been continuing to run about 3 times a week. At the time I set two goals.

1: get to 5k in 30 mins

2: increase my distance to 10k

I did 10k this morning in 1:03:30 but haven't quite got to 5K in 30 mins (fastest time 30:18 - so nearly there)

For 2013 I hope to run the British 10k in a reasonable time (although not sure what that is -50 mins?) get the 5k time down and just keep on running.

Anyone else want to set some new goals?

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  • Sub 30 5k is pretty impressive. I am just back from a 40:29 5k run to, around and home from my local track. In an hour I do about 7k.

    How about aiming for a half marathon as well as speed goals?

  • Your goals are very similar to mine although you are well ahead of me. I'm looking to do a 10k in November and would love to do it sub 1 hour. I'm up to 6k but like you have not yet done a sub 30min 5k so am using 5k+ to work on both speed and distance. A half marathon sounds doable for you. Good luck for your future challenges.

  • Well done Vitty. You are doing well. I've only started on the B210k programme in the last week and though my times feel ok (reached sub-30 minutes for 5k in Week 8) I still need to build up my distance and endurance. Currently managing about 7.5k in the 40 minutes of running, though I do get 3 x 1 minute walks in there too. I'm aiming to get to 10 k in the time this programme runs : another 4 weeks!? Then, who knows what? Oh, and the local Parkrun. Good luck and Happy New year.

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