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Post grad goals - 1 down 1 to go and goals for 2013

I graduated on my birthday at the beginning of October and since then have been continuing to run about 3 times a week. At the time I set two goals.

1: get to 5k in 30 mins

2: increase my distance to 10k

I did 10k this morning in 1:03:30 but haven't quite got to 5K in 30 mins (fastest time 30:18 - so nearly there)

For 2013 I hope to run the British 10k in a reasonable time (although not sure what that is -50 mins?) get the 5k time down and just keep on running.

Anyone else want to set some new goals?

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Sub 30 5k is pretty impressive. I am just back from a 40:29 5k run to, around and home from my local track. In an hour I do about 7k.

How about aiming for a half marathon as well as speed goals?


Your goals are very similar to mine although you are well ahead of me. I'm looking to do a 10k in November and would love to do it sub 1 hour. I'm up to 6k but like you have not yet done a sub 30min 5k so am using 5k+ to work on both speed and distance. A half marathon sounds doable for you. Good luck for your future challenges.


Well done Vitty. You are doing well. I've only started on the B210k programme in the last week and though my times feel ok (reached sub-30 minutes for 5k in Week 8) I still need to build up my distance and endurance. Currently managing about 7.5k in the 40 minutes of running, though I do get 3 x 1 minute walks in there too. I'm aiming to get to 10 k in the time this programme runs : another 4 weeks!? Then, who knows what? Oh, and the local Parkrun. Good luck and Happy New year.


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