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Am I back? 1 year on, a new start and new goals

So, I just went for my first run in ages, just a 15 minute shakedown (after a jolly good warm up, of course). This year was planned to be a really good running year for me, but one thing and another (mostly whiplash) has stopped me in my tracks.

The really encouraging thing this morning is that my heart rate was not that of a really unfit person, the new job I started in London early in July has obviously helped me, as I am now twice daily taking a brisk walk from Waterloo to Westminster and back, not to mention walking to and from the car to the station at this end. Although it was tiring, a 15 minute run was totally doable and I probably could have continued for twice that if I'd been in the mind to. I don't want to injure myself again, so patience will be key :-)

I have missed reading so many blogs, as I don't seem to get much time online for myself, I spend all day on the pc, so really it is the last thing I want (or have time) to do when I come home. I hope all my old friends on here are well.

I'm still recommending the programme to all and sundry and was delighted to hear that a girl at my hairdressing salon and her bestie are now well on their way to 5K - she's really happy with the pounds she's shedding and how she's feeling. I can't believe it is a whole year since I started the programme. I can still clearly remember thinking that it would be gruelling and near impossible. I can't really remember the tough bits so well now, it's a bit like childbirth, once it's done, you just remember the good bits and see the benefit of what you have now!

So, run 1 week 1 of recovery done. A few more 'shake-down' runs and then I'll start gently adding 5 minutes here and there. I've set myself some new goals:

* run minimum 3 x weekly from NOW

* 5K in less than 30 minutes by October (I did this once before, but no way could I do it now)

* 10K in less than 1 hour by end November

* Twilight 5K run (I think in Sept or October) for cancer research

* Gloanna yoga run (5k followed by 45 minutes flow yoga in Battersea park, if anyone is interested to join!) September 14

That lot should keep me busy (on top of the 45 mile cycle ride I do in Sept each year and possibly doing the Great River Race again this year, although no training for that one as I will be a passenger only). I'll start doing the park runs too, when I'm back up to nearer 30 minutes. Can't wait for the next run, wooohoooooo!

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Welcome back! Good luck with all your splendi goals Vixiej xox


thanks Delia! It's lovely to be back :-)


Hi there Vixiej nice to see a you again , I have not run now for six weeks, dislocated my shoulder, hoping to start back on Tuesday morning.Not been on the new site much can't get this old head round it. Happy running .Pat :-)


yes, it's all changed, I know what you mean...... Sorry to hear you are not running at the moment, that is pants, but it's been very hot so consider the upside :-) Good luck for tomorrow, remember little steps to get started again ;-)


Hey, welcome back! You'll be back in the swing of it before you know it, I'm sure. Your goals and programme for the rest of the year are awesome in the UK sense as well as the US sense! Best of luck with it all -- enjoy your running :)


Thanks, I'm wondering if I'm being a bit too ambitious, but I have to get fit as I also have a 45 mile cycle ride in Sept (and great river race, crazy month) and last year the running really helped me manage the hilly bits ;-)


Back in the running saddle and ready to rock. Good luck to you


:-) thanks!


Hey vix good to see you are still out there despite everything! Westminster eh? My hubby works there too :)

Good luck with all your goals. You are a determined lady so am sure you will do great!

Sue x


Hi Sue, long time no speak! I should take my gear in and have a run around the park with him (not til I'm able to do more than 15 minutes and not quite so scarlet of face, LOL). I have really missed it, I would have gone tonight if I hadn't arrived home so late. Topped up on wine and steak instead, lol


Well done Vixiej. And welcome back to c25k. Your programme is a challenging one so good luck with it. I haven't been posting too well myself though I have been doing plenty of running. Hope to see you more on the site soon. James


Glad to hear you have kept up with the running James. I've missed it, although I have recently become used to not running, if you know what I mean. As soon as I started my warm up walk on Sunday, a big smile spread across my face and I felt great afterwards. Fingers crossed I can get back up to speed (or rather distance - I was always pretty slow) soon!


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