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What a difference a day makes.

I am still away from home in Aberdeen. After a rather breezy, but dry run on Tuesday evening, Wednesday took a definite turn for the worse, rain, sleet and high winds. I ventured out to eat, got completely soaked and struggled to get anywhere against the wind, it did not bode well for my next run.

But today it was dry, sunny and windless, my meetings finished early and I competed W9R2 in daylight and very picturesque conditions, on the seafront with the tide in and good size breakers in evidence. Only the second time that the sun has put in an appearance during one of my runs :-)

I can't quite believe that my next outing will be my graduation run. I won't manage 5k in 30 minutes (today I managed about 4.3km on the flat, back home its a bit more 3D!) but I am amazed that I can now run for 30 minutes. This plan is amazing and the support from this forum doubly so :-)

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Oooo - that sounds like rather a good run! I do rather envy all the seaside runners (though rather less so if in the dark and/or rain/sleet etc). I'm in the Midlands, so no sea anywhere near here!

Very best wishes for your grad run, Bibs! :)


Thanks greenlegs, it was a good run and I am so pleased that being away on business has not affected my progress.

I think the support from you and others on this forum really helped me to go out when it would have been easy to make excuses, so thanks again :-)


We all help one another Bibs, your blog will assist others too. Well done to you. Does it follow that Saturday will be your grad run?I look forward to reading it if so.


Thanks Fingalo. Yes, all being well, Saturday will be my graduation run, I am looking forward to it (I think!!).

You are close behind in the programme, but I know you have the 5k under your belt already, which is a major achievement :-) . I will be very happy to reach that milestone too.


Aye, I'll probably graduate next Thursday or Saturday which should give me time to prepare something for my first post grad run on the Saturday as I've downloaded nor set up a playlist yet.

Grad run will be my next 5k, all being well.


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