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Getting back out there

I'm trying to put my string of injuries behind me. I've been working hard on stretches and strengthening exercises. I got out last Friday and tried out a week 4 run, which my legs managed, although were protesting towards the end. I then ran again on Sunday, managing 3k. My intention was to run on Christmas Day, but my leg was still a bit achy so I put it off 'til Boxing Day.

My Boxing Day run was another 3k, trying out my new Garmin Forerunner10 (Thanks to hubby), my leg was a little sore after, but recovery seems to be quicker this time. I'm not taking any chances this time, I'll take 2 days rest and run again on Saturday, I'll see how I feel after 3k, I may push on to 3.5 or 4k.

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Best of luck with the return - sounds like you're taking it very sensibly and not pushing too hard, but building up slowly.


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