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Felt good to be back out there & clear the head

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Just back from the first run in 3 weeks due to horrible cough and cold. To be honest I probably shouldn't have gone out today as still not 100% but felt the need to get out there. And as a bonus it wasn't raining!!

It was a slow and hard couple of miles and was just getting into my stride at the end so could have carried on...but was sensible and finished as planned. Boy did it feel good, I hadn't realised how much I had missed it.!!!! Next run Boxing day and then Parkrun on 29th.

The run has certainly helped clear my head after a crap couple of days. Got home from work on Friday to find I'd been burgled (b*****ds!)...just gutting as amongst the things taken was all my mum's jewellery which had as you can imagine alot of sentimental value. Putting things into perspective (keep trying to find the positives) I am OK and the house wasn't trashed and the police have done much more than I'd expected them too. Just wish I could get my hands on the little s***s! They haven't ruined (won't ruin) Christmas as I still have all my amazing family & friends (which is what its all about) but it;s certainily put a dampner on this weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Santa spoils you (well only if you've been good :) ). Happy running!!!!

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What a bummer ! Getting burgled, I mean. It's happened to me two or three times and I've always been impressed how much the police have done, even though they have sod-all chance of catching the little sh**s. Unfortunately, even little sh**ts know not to leave fingerprints these days :-( I had cash (sponsor money) and computers nicked but I'd imagine there's a bit more chance of jewellery turning up again. Fingers crossed for you anyway.

Hope you enjoy your runs over the Christmas break :-)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to sfb350

Def a bummer...lost an ipad, ipod and camera too but they can be replaced. Would love to think the jewellery might turn up but not holding to much hope on it as would be disappointed.

Well done on getting back out there - I'm on the horrible cough and cold at the moment (haven't run for 10 days) so it's great to know that this will pass and I will be able to run at least a bit when I try again. I think sfb350 has used exactly the right word about getting burgled. Total bummer and if there's any chance of the police catching them I hope they do. Your positive attitude about it not ruining Christmas is admirable. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

Hope your Boxing Day run goes well (think I'd be feeling a bit "weighed down" but perhaps it would be good to give it a go - do I have to wait until this cr@ppy cough clears up completely?) and all the best for your ParkRun next week as well :-)

Ann x

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Oh, Ali - sorry to hear about the burglary - it they'd just taken regular 'stuff' it might not have been so bad, but to take jewellry that has a sentimental attachment is hard. Mind you, you sound like you have a great philosophical point of view on it. As you say, they didn't trash the place and you never know you might get the jewellry back - here's hoping.

On a much more positive note, you're back out running! Yay! Glad to hear that you're feeling a lot better - this chest cold is awful, isn't it!

Hope that you have a great Christmas with friends and family and enjoy your boxing day run.

V xx

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Oh no! Sorry to hear you've been burgled :( I really hope the police are able to catch them and get your jewellery back; like you said, stuff like electronics etc can be replaced, items of sentiment cant :(

I hope you have a good christmas! Enjoy your boxing day run :)

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little barstewards! Im so sorry to hear such news. but Im glad you're not letting them little scoatbags ruin your christmas. dont let em!

im glad too that you've managed to get back out there. It is hard work after illness, im still trying to get my mojo back! but as our community fellows are evidence of, it can be done and you'll get back out there Boxing Day with knobs on (you know what I mean!)

best wishes for a good christmas AliB1 and KEEEEEP RUNNING! alix

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Gosh, sorry Ali just got to reading again. That's rubbish sorry to hear it. I know how that feels.

Glad you are well again though and back out there. Have a great Christmas.

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oh Ali, thats terrible news. I was burgled 20years ago (whilst asleep upstairs) so I can fully understand how you are feeling. they are total scumbags. & even worse to do it at this time of year!

happy running & lots of christmas & new year wishes to you.

take care. shelley x

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Very sorry to hear that. Miserable bastards. I doubt I could be as positive as you about it.

But despite that, I hope you have a good Xmas and I'm completely confident you'll keep on running. Go girl, go.

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AliB1Graduate in reply to OldNed

But then they would have won on all fronts! I'm not happy about it but refuse to let them ruin anything else. I believe in what goes around comes around so they will get their comuppance one day.

Have a good xmas yourself

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OldNedGraduate in reply to AliB1

The best revenge is living well. I also believe in" what goes around" and a friend once said that if you sit on the river bank for long enough the body of your enemy will eventually float past! On that cheery note, I'm off to stuff a turkey.

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So sorry to hear about the burglary, but kudos to you for staying so positive. All the best to you and your family for Christmas - make it an extra good one to spite the little bastards who broke in :)

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