Getting back out there...first road run since the half.

There are the stats - this is not a fast run, a full minute slower than the last timed 5k I did. I can only blame the knee injury causing 15 days off of all running, (only had my first treadmill session this last Monday) and the HEAT! It was 18c at 8.15pm when I went out, and I'm not used to running in those sort of temperatures. I took water with me, and used it all on the cool down walk, sweat running off me. Add the fact that after yoghurt and toast for brekkie, I had a cheese salad roll at 11.30am and a cuppa soup at 4.30pm and nothing else all day. I'm trying to drop a few pounds to help the knee poundings and to help my times but it's hard work when trying to burn off calories with diving about the streets like an old eejit!!

Now stretched, showered, and had a quorn curry for tea...boring but 260 cals so I've burned more than I've eaten for my meal.



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11 Replies

  • Good work on getting out there in this heat! And for a good run after so much time off!

  • Glad you're back :)

    New shoes for me tomorrow and hopefully my knee will like them and I can run again. Fingers crossed ;)

  • Hi Anonymous,

    I'm after new shoes too - just need to wait till the end of the month so I can afford them! Need shorts as well...oh, you can tell we're proper runners when we spend our spare (!!) cash on running kit and not on new frocks and heels!!

  • I know, it's crazy!

    Massive difference in the new shoes and still no pain this morning! They were definetly worth all that money :)

    Shorts? I still look at them in shops and think,1 day, maybe. After recently quitting smoking and using chocolate as a crutch my short purchasing has been delayed by quite some time haha

  • Hey well done. I haven't run properly since race for life :( My running hair dye coupled with this heat = sit on back side with glass of Rose' !

  • Ah Pat, is it motivation? The heat? The hair dye? I too would rather sit on rear with glass of vino, but needs must woman!! Just go out for a wee twenty mins, in the cool of the morning or evening.

    Go on, you know you want to!!


  • Oh OK Carol, If I must but not til Monday, I have my birthday cocktails tonight (:)) and Sunday is obviously reservged for recovery but Monday I promise!!:)

  • All right! Welcome back sorry I missed this - 5 pages and still only the last 24 hours' posts!

    Fab to see you back out there.

  • Thanks for encouragement Greg. How is your running going? Are you coping with the heat ok? Being a Scot I really don't do heat and find it all very hard work.


  • not sure yet about the heat, mixed feelings! Love bright and sunny, hate really sweaty and slightly nauseaus 8-( I think its my Scottish genes coming into play as well.

    Other than that after a couple of weeks of finding it all a bit of a struggle, you know just those runs where you don't love it, just do it; In the last week I just hit a purple patch which is nice, good 5k and 10k time (for me) and my first extension out to half marathon distance as a tester.

    Blimey the extra from ten miles to thirteen feels huge! I kept trying to tell myself its 'only' 5k and I do that all the time, but it didn't seem to help :-)

    Knee OK after the run?

  • Hi Greg,

    The knee felt a bit twingy at the back (same as it did in half marathon training), and a bit jelly like when I got in, but it's ok(ish) now. I haven't run since Thursday's run, just had too much on and it's too hot. I'm in the gym tomorrow evening, where I'm going to concentrate on everything aerobic but the treadmill. I still feel I need to let the knee heal more and also I need to build back up slow again, and will prob try for a run on Tues evening, doing Wk1 of the B210K which is 4x10min runs with minute walks between. I'm after new running shoes next week once the salary comes in, and hoping to invest in some better quality ones with good support.


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