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Must get back to it ):

On Christmas eve, not having run for a few days, I managed a pathetic 2K. I went out again on Boxing Day, with a terrible cough. It was nearly dark and I was managing, but I suddenly found that, due to a congested chest, I couldn't get my breath. Aaaarrrgghh, I cut it short and went home, but I'd done 3K so I think tomorrow I'll give it another go, after a few hours of Vic on my chest. I have to get back to 5K. Funny though, while I've not been running enough, my knee is much better.

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Maybe your body knows better than your brain! Perhaps 3K would be better for your knee for a while? Anyway, 3k is way better than none - and what has happened to rest days - is 5k really so magical?

Take care - I'm sure you'll be back there very soon.


You're so right. I'm going to run to benefit my cardio-vascular system. I'll run for half an hour, and gently increase my times!


I think you should maybe live up to your name and stay in bed for a bit, or at least rest. I think there's a guideline about it being ok to run if the symptoms are above the neck eg sore throat, head cold and sniffles but not if they are below the neck eg chesty cough, achy limbs.

Be kind to yourself !

And read this so you know you're doing the right thing ;-)

Hope you are feeling much better very soon !!


Thanks for your reply. I read the link and shall be doing (even more) gentle runs for a while!!


Oh no - I know how you feel. I haven't run for ages, due to a temporary Christmas job, and then I came down with a dreadful chesty cough. I did a pathetic 3k on Christmas Day. I'm hoping to go out tomorrow as I'm feeling a bit better, but I think we should both take it slowly and build it back up sensibly! Happy New Year, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!



Stop the running!! You are going to make yourself seriously ill. Your body is telling you you need to rest. Steam inhalations 4 hourly, paracetamol 4-6 hourly and plenty of fluids (not the alcoholic kind, as dehydrating). It really is not clever to run with congested lungs.

Hope you get better soon.


Thanks for your posts! I did a fairly comfortable 3.3K today, I took it slowly.My chest's much better now. I'll build it up but I'm going to go slowlyvtoo!


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