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Got back out there last night

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So I've been making excuses since my Graduation run on May 8th (my first full 5K race). First it was that I needed to give myself rest time as I had pain in my calf. Then it was I didn't have time.. Then, when I made my last excuse was the lamest, it was 9:00pm and I said "I'm too tired" (when I did ALL my runs after 9:00 in my training).

SO, last night I put on my running shoes and went on out! I ran for the full 30 minutes at a snails pace, but I did it. I think I went about 2.25 miles.

I'm slow as heck, and need to work on my pace, but I still did it. So I'm proud of me. I needed to get back out there.

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We're proud of you too! Well done for getting out there again - hope the mojo or running bug are back.... :)

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I'm sure the pace will come naturally- the main thing is that you're running again- you're right to be proud.

it doent matter how slow you go, the fact is you did it! well done you, the hardest part of getting out there is over now just carry on.

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Well done often the thought is worse than the deed, be proud 😊

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Well done :)

We do all bother about distance and pace etc. but we really shouldn't! Just 'doing it' is key to our success.

Keep going :)

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Well done. Keep it going!

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Slow is the way forward! And the procrastination about whether to run or not is probably the gremlins trying a new tactic! But they didn't win! Well done for getting out there!

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