Got back out there last night

So I've been making excuses since my Graduation run on May 8th (my first full 5K race). First it was that I needed to give myself rest time as I had pain in my calf. Then it was I didn't have time.. Then, when I made my last excuse was the lamest, it was 9:00pm and I said "I'm too tired" (when I did ALL my runs after 9:00 in my training).

SO, last night I put on my running shoes and went on out! I ran for the full 30 minutes at a snails pace, but I did it. I think I went about 2.25 miles.

I'm slow as heck, and need to work on my pace, but I still did it. So I'm proud of me. I needed to get back out there.

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  • We're proud of you too! Well done for getting out there again - hope the mojo or running bug are back.... :)

  • I'm sure the pace will come naturally- the main thing is that you're running again- you're right to be proud.

  • it doent matter how slow you go, the fact is you did it! well done you, the hardest part of getting out there is over now just carry on.

  • Well done often the thought is worse than the deed, be proud ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done :)

    We do all bother about distance and pace etc. but we really shouldn't! Just 'doing it' is key to our success.

    Keep going :)

  • Well done. Keep it going!

  • Slow is the way forward! And the procrastination about whether to run or not is probably the gremlins trying a new tactic! But they didn't win! Well done for getting out there!

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