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heeeellloooo peeps!! im back!! :-)

Hiya!! after several weeks of various illnesses, i went out tonight after work for a run. I was given a push by my lovely sister in law (who is doing brilliantly well doing her own C25K) to get back out after a particularly stressful weekend so, out I went...... in the pouring rain. Well, that is after i finished peeling the kitten off from playing with my trainer shoelaces!! Honest, I thought at one point I may end up having him strapped on like a lucky charm!

Bloody hell - I didnt know raindrops could be the size of swimming pools!! it did not stop from start to finish and most of the water was either absorbed by my running bottoms or went in to my trainers, slosh slosh slosh I went in between puff pant puff pant .....

went and ran the week before I went off ill from the program. And I made it! it was hard, but do you know what, it felt ok. So much so that I think i ran quicker this time than I did before. How do I know? well, you know when you start a weeks run on the program and get to know the particular bend in the road or a house where Laura asks you to start a run and you swear at her? well, I ended up finishing my final run way before I did before. Weird.

By the time I got home, the amount of water being absorbed by my running bottoms was beginning to drag me pants down! So I was glad to get in before disaster struck and there was two moons! ;-)

I got in and undressed in the hallway I was that wet - much to the delight of the kitten who was delighted to be chasing the water droplets coming off me!! everything went straight in the washer. I went up for a shower and then disaster!!!! I remembered that I hadnt eaten the secret sweetie that I keep in my running glove for emergencies and the gloves were in the washer!! Quickly finished the shower and went and rescued the sweetie which was a little soggy through being rained on, but luckily I hadnt switched the washer on so it wasnt as bad as couldve been! :-)

So, im hopefully back with you everyone, running! Im going to do another run from this week and then get back to where I left off. Dont want to push it.

Im sooooo glad to be back out there. It was lovely getting out by myself and stomping away.

Thanks for all your support. Hope you've all been doing fantastically well.

Keep on running everyone!!

ali :-)

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Loved the secret sweetie 'confession'! And the picture of the kitten in the laces!


greenlegs - Its a necessary piece of equipment!! it goes in that little secret pocket in my running gloves where youre supposed to put your keys. But I carry my keys in such a way to aid self defence if it becomes necessary, so what better way to utilise the pocket!!

suffice to say by the time I had come back home all soaking wet with half the water in the UK in my trainers, the little precious didnt want to bother with me trainers!!#

keep on running!!


Two moons - LOL, Ali!

Good to see you back - and fab that you've not lost any fitness, but seemed to have consolidated it instead!

Best of luck for the rest of the programme.

Keeeeeeep Runnin'!


thanks vivwestie! good to be back.

its weird how our bodies work isnt it!



Hey Viv, check out the post with all your birthday wishes - it's entitled something like poorly birthday girl Viv (westie).... Everyone is sending you happy birthday cheer :-)


Well done you for getting back out there. I've been pretty lazy the last few weeks but decided to stop beating myself up. I graduated and plan to start a 10K plan in Jan so what with work, Christmas, illness etc, if its not working for now thats fine.

I shall use you as an inspiration to get back out there soon though !! Hope it stops raining for your next run ;-)


cheers m'dears!!

you're starting a 10k plan???! blimey riley, well done you! now THAT'S the inspiration i need - so keep going and blog you're progress!!

oh, and its still raining ........ (but this time im not in my trackie bottoms so hopefully i wont be showing me bum if I get soaked at lunch!) ;-)

keep running ca66ie99!!


Yeah, I've realised I'm clearly someone that needs a goal. I seem to have lost focus since I graduated.

There are more 10K races around so I figure I'll enter one in March which should allow me a few weeks to get back to running 5K then move on to the 10K plan i've found.

Hope you didn't get too wet AuntieAli - where are you in the programe now ?


best of luck!! You can do it!

i think im one of those people too who need a goal. First stop - graduation! Get thee behind me and then a 5k park run methinks....(head now saying ----- "Woaaaaah there ali, steady on!)

Before I got various illnesses i was "only" on week 4. But I was struggling. So Im thinking re-visit that tomorrow or Friday before leaping in to the next week!


Well done you for coming back. I think the weather is making it harder to find the motivation as well.

I plan on just getting back up to speed, like yourself, a parkrun and then onwards and upwards otherwise I'll stop cos my brain tells me that I've done it once, I can simply do the plan again and I'll do it all again.

Don't say 'only', thats an achievement. Sounds like a good plan, re-visit, see how it goes and then move on. Good luck and let us know how you get on ;-)


Welcome back Ali and well done on getting out there despite the weather. I don't mind running in the rain but don't think it's ever been that heavy to pull my tights down!! Enjoy your next run and you will soon be back in the swing of things. Sue


thanks sue!! good to be back. It was actually nice to run in the rain - felt like I was proper doing something worthwhile for myself (does that sound silly?). just need a proper pair of running bottoms, which im reluctant to buy until I get rid of some pork!! (yep, i am my tight father's daughter!)

you graduates are keeping me focused, so thanks for all your support.

keep on running!!



Hey Ali... welcome back :-). It's odd this having to take time off from running 'thing'.... and then doing better... I've been off for 2 weeks but as long as I can get back soonish I get the feeling I'll have a similar experience to yours. I've experienced this before with swimming. I can't help thinking that a break allows the subconscious mind to process what the body is being required to do and it allows it to catch up!!!!!!!!!

Just a question???? Errrr... if you wait until you've lost more weight there may be more than two full moons to worry about :-)!!! LOL, Sara xox


Fantastic - welcome back! Loved the kitten, the secret sweetie and particulalry the two moons :D Glad to hear that you haven't lost your fitness - onwards and upwards!


thanks anniemurph!! good to be back and running. have missed it.

onwards and upwards indeed! these little set backs make me more bloody determined (scuse me!), as do you graduates, who have been where I/we have and got there in the end.

hopefully new pants will be coming in the new year ;-)



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