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The Bear Hunter is back

OMG what a disaster. I graduated a few months ago, and have been happily running in a free and easy way.

I discovered the joys of using hills, run easily up and sprint hard down and your times improve and you don't get knackered. I have enjoyed runnig in "la Bell France". I ran on sand and it was like the training montage in Rocky III. Apollo Creed had it right because when I returned I took my favourite 6km run and knocked 3 minutes off my personal best. I have felt like I have stood on the shoulders of giants, but this week has been hell.

I last ran about 2 weeks ago. I missed a run because of work, then I went drinking with my mate the night before his wedding, and woke up feeling a little (well alot) hung over. So no running, then after the wedding I was again hung over again, so no run.

Then it started raining, and it didn't stop. I have been working nights dealing with the flooding in Sussex.

So this week I have been out twice, and ok cracked off 2 5km runs but the times were rubbish.

But hey ho forget it and trot on. I'm going running at the weekend, I have a long route planned. I have my fathers day presents of a water bottle and lycra compression pants - gentlemen I really recommend this for the man chaffing.

So I'm back and need a little pickup, as I have a half marathon in August and I really need to get back, so I thought who can help, well of course my running chums here!

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Lycra compression pants! Oh what a thought so early in the day :)

Seriously, glad to hear that you are back with us -I'm sure that you will enjoy your run this weekend and soon get back into it..

Good luck with the half marathon training.


Lycra runners rule 8-)

Welcome back, wondered where you were there :-)

Another in the C25K half-marathon crowd, I think you are first out the box though!


Do they have bears in France? :)


lol I was going to ask this?


Hi bearhunter, been wondering where you had got to, I'm sure you will soon be back up to your usual form; just a matter of keeping the practice up!



Please put shorts over that Lycra! I can't help but look when guys have le grande bulge there for all to see ;) One of these days I'll trip whilst distracted :(

Happy marathon running :)


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