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Hi folks!

After my glorious 10K fun run event last week I haven't had one second to go for a run. I'm working on this rush job for Channel 4 and have been working 18 hour days for an entire week. Plus, to add to the agony, my scooter was stolen right outside the building I'm working in. Also, as I was walking across a freshly mopped floor here at work I slipped and took a tumble and my valuable running legs went all over the place as I landed with a bump on my aris! (aristotle / bottle and glass......get it? cockney rhyming slang!!). The pain which ensued the following day was horrendous and I was worried I might have done some damage to my hamstrings. Alas, twas not the case - thank God!

Hellish 7 days it's been and I cannot wait for it all to end so I can ;

a) go for a bloody long run by the river

b) try and sort out my insurance claim for stolen bike

c) catch up on sleep!

Stay tuned dear reader, for before long, I shall be telling tales of lycra, shapely bottoms and birds (the kind that fly and tweet tweet)!

Happy running to one and all.

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What a week It can only get better. Hopefully things will settle down and you get for a run soon


Oh no! Poor you, Dan, and sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. Here's hoping that your injury and scooter situation is resolved asap, so that you can go back to being Dantastic! :)


Sorry to hear about your tumbling mishap, Mr Dan. :-( Glad to hear there's no serious damage though. Was anyone about? There normally is when that kinda thing happens. Could be nobody around an hour before, not the hour after, but for that moment, when falling, someone with a clipboard and a camera-phone comes past, usually giggling.

So sorry to hear of the theft of your scooter. Damn bike thieves. Hope you get the insurance sorted okay; bike insurers can be notoriously awkward, so I hope it goes well.

Happy running, when you're next able to. :-)


Quick chorus of '♪ Things Can Only Get Better♪' :)

Too much bad luck, :( You deserve an amazing run to redress the balance. Looking forward to normal happy postings being resumed shortly

Some of these things didn't happen on Friday the 13 th did they dan ? Sorry to hear about your bad luck & I was wondering where you had got to . Hope your soon running along the by the river . Take care no more mishaps !


Oh, no! Bad news all round! Hopefully things will settle down and allow you to get out running again. Good luck :)


Oh dear. Fingers crossed you can now get back to a calmer routine & be able to fit a run in. Sorry to hear about your scooter. That is a real 'bummer' :-(


blimey thats a run of bad s*** .....and thats really LONG hours!! Yes we are all missing your tales of birds in tight lycra with shapely bottoms ;)

Oh dear Superdan sounds like a rubbish week :( Hope you get a break from work soon, the run of bad luck must have finished now..... All the best for the coming week :)


Oh no! What a week! Hope you are ok and able to get your trainers back on soon xx


Ouch what a week! Have missed your postings. Hope you get back to running v.soon x :-)


ohhh nasty week, lets hope your run of bad luck is over and you can get your running shoes on asap


Hope life returns to normal soon, gutted to miss you at Richmond Park Parkrun yesterday (down south seeing family) and thought I'd try this one after yours and TurboTortoise's official race reports over the last few weeks. Managed not to find TT as well although we tried to meet up.

Hope you get back to running soon, finding a replacement Beverley and getting over the tumble.


Sorry you had a crappy week Dan. I hope you are fine after your tumble and that you quickly get your insurance sorted out.


Some serious s*** here for one Dan to cope with! Just picture that first run.....it'll be dantastic!


Hope by now you are feeling a bit better Dan

I'm so glad the fall wasn't serious xxxx bummer about the scooter hope you get it all sorted, I just don't understand why people can't keep their sticky fingers to themselves xxxxx

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