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:-( my first sad face... didnt make W4 R3..... sorry peeps

you know when you just wish you hadn't have gone out? well, i went out to attempt my last run of week 4 last night. disaster :-(

first off, i couldnt get out the front door because my little *bleep* of a kitten was causing havoc with the other two and then he wouldnt leave my laces alone on my trainers. so, i ended up shutting him in the front room but then i remembered I left my hat in there (the woolly one - I have stretched it back in to shape thank goodness). So when I went back in to get it, the little bleeder escaped!

eventually, got out in to the darkness and was actually looking forward to slugging it out in the wind and rain, stomping out the days stresses.

then I got spooked royally by a load of shifting leaves!! i was just about to power walk round a bend when a gust of wind blew a load up and scared me half to death!

heart racing, i carried out and got to the first 3 minute run. bloody hell fire! towards the end of it my lungs began to get really painful. i managed to finish it though and went back to walking. But flippin eck I coudlnt calm my lungs down (you know what i mean!).

So........ i gave up. I GAVE UP!!!!!!

i am sorry fellow C25Kers. i just dont know what happened.

I can tell you this morning that not only am I really really mad at myself, but im not feeling too clever on the toilet front, my stomach aches.and i feel sick. methinks ive got a bug.....

im going to see how I feel tomorrow night before I set off again.

plenty water being consumed

keep on running everyone!

:-( and :-)

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Hey, you don't need to apologise. It does sound as if you have a bug and they are cruel things to try and run with.

Give youself a good chance to recover and when you go back out you'll do it.

By the way it's the kitten's job to be naughty!



thanks GoldenOldy. im sitting here at work and just dont know how im upright never mind typing!! im drinking loads of water and taken a few paracetamols and sweating it out!

i will definitely wait until fully recovered before i venture out.

my kitten is a boy. Never had a boy cat before. Boy! what a difference!! (see what I did there even in sickness :-) ) He never stops - wish i had that energy for my runs!!



Hope you're beginning to feel better. But remember you're not allowed to go running until you are really better!

I'll make sure I stick with girl cats after your experience - although ours does like to wind the dogs up - she knows how far she can push them and where her escape routes are.



Well if it's a bug the good old 24 hour starve and boiled water should fix it.

Don't be too upset about not completing a run - you'll nail it next time.


cheers boudicca - im definitely on the water and trips to the loo so hopefully it will be out of my system as quick as it went in!! (sorry!)

i shall take your confidence in my out for my next run, when im recovered completely.

GRRRRR to the bug!!



Why the :-( sad face? It's a run. No one died, you still got outside and stayed off of the couch and your wooly hat is once again fitting!! It's just one run.

Now, quit on me again and I won't be so understanding!!! :-) I may just have to unleash a "Bloody Hell Fire" rant!!

Sometimes, a run just doesn't come together. Just remember, that having a bad run is no excuse to quit. Although, being sick with the bug is a good reason for making sure that you are completely rested and recovered!!

Now, turn that :-( into a :-), evict that stomach bug and go knock this run out!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



cheers Steve. Its just really disappointing as I wanted to keep up with the programe. I want to run, proper like, without laura in my ear (nearly put "eye" - is that a freudian slip? )

but kick up the bum gratefully received.

I shall make sure Im definitely recovered and back out there as soon as i can.

i SHALL keep on running!!

:-) (and a separate :-) just for you Steve)



Oh poor you! But being ill is not good for running, so don't beat yourself up too much. You will do it next time, just make sure you are fully recovered first. You gave it a try though, and there's plenty that wouldn't, so a big pat on the back for that. Hope you feel better soon, you will be back with a vengeance I'm sure. Louise xx


Louise - i'll try not to beat myself up, but I sooo want to run! (crickey - would not have said that 4 weeks ago!)

I shall make sure Im recovered and get back out there.

You're doing great with your running! inspiration indeed so thanks for that too. We'll both get that shiney green graduate badge soon enough eh?!!

thanks for your support, as usual alix


We all have bad runs and if you were coming down with a bug it is no surprise, don't worry about, once you have recovered you will be back out there and pounding the pavement again! And as for the kitten wait til he discovers mice!!!!!! ;-)


Posted from you 2 hours ago: i'll try not to beat myself up, but I sooo want to run! (crickey - would not have said that 4 weeks ago!) :-) :-)

We will all have good runs and bad runs, its the name of the game! If every run was perfect, we would all be marathon runners, wouldn't we??? ;-)

You are doing amazingly well, so don't even consider the thought you failed (a nasty 4 letter word here on the board) or that you want to give up...WE WON'T LET YOU! :-)

Some runs suck! Most of mine do! I have very, very few good runs but eventually I hope to have less sucky ones and more of the good ones. PLUS, if you are catching a bug, no point in running and making yourself even more ill.

Now on to that silly cat! You know the problem, don't you? Its a boy cat, that explains all of his not listening and behaving. Just like humans, cats are the same! ;-)

Take care of yourself Ali, get as much rest as you need and the next run will be waiting for you! (((HUGS))) Gayle


you are poorly, you are excused (for now) ;-)

Really don't worry about it. I'd be interested to know how many people (percentage wise) managed to get through the programme injury or sickness free without missing a session, I think that most of us had something go wrong (I had flu and a broken toe) at some point.

Get yourself well, then get yourself back out there. If you are like me, your next run will be a really good one. I found that a few days enforced rest had me raring to go and I had one of the best runs of the programme straight after. You'll be back on track before you know it.


As you will hear Laura say later on in the program, a bad run is better than no run. I've just had a disaster myself and only managed 200m before pains shot through my hips for no apparent reason. But I knew to stop as I have a charity run Sunday and I am determined to be fit enough for that. I've pushed on too much before and lived to regret it - our bodies tell us when to stop and we need to listen to it.

You'll nail the run later, just give yourself time to recover and wait till those pesky leaves are gone. If they had blown up like that in front of me I'd have been in reverse gear and back home with a cup of tea and a twix in no time.

Take care, rest and then onwards and upwards.


Poor AuntieAlli... awful to feel dejected and down on yourself let alone the feline community in your house doing their best to sabotage you as well!!!!

Hope the bug buggers off sooooooon and lets you get out there again.

Warm, cosy thoughts for a speedy recovery, Sara :-)


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