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week 5 run 3

Ohhhhh yes bloody smashed wk 5 run 3 of couch to 5k tonite. This was the 1st big block run for me , 5 min warm up then a straight 20 minute jog then 5 min warm down . Covered 1.4 miles in 20 min and covered the magic first target of 1 mile in14m 21 secs. . I know you will find this hard to believe but im sitting on my front door step legs all jellied and wobbly im welled up tears in my eyes . Never expected to feel so emotional but guess it shows how much i wanted this one in particular . If only i had the energy , i would have gone off plan and tried for another half mile and that would of given me the 3k ,but id given all i had for 4 blocks of 5 minute runs , but That will come soon enough . cant believe ive done it im halfway there now

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Well done👍

I actually teared up after that one😉

Feels great, doesn't it?

Good luck with the rest of it 👍🎉🏃🏻‍♀️


This is the first of many! Too right to be emotional, be very proud too! Keep on doing what you are doing, you are doing great😀💪🏻🏃🏻


Well done!!

I cried after this run, actual sob crying. It's a great feeling


Yip, I got a great buzz after doing the w5r3 too. There are more buzzes to come btw!!!!


Well done it's the big one


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