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After c25k?

I'm halfway through week 7 and just wondering what you guys have gone on to when you've finished? The structure of a programme is really working for me as it's so easy to see how quickly you've improved, and beats just checking in at the gym every day (although I do run IN the gym, it beats aimlessly wandering round the cardio section!)

I know there are c210k apps out there and I've also heard of Stepping Stones but haven't done much research.

Also, have you guys moved on once you've done the 30 mins or once you've done 5k in 30 mins? Because I think it will take a fair while until I can comfortably run at 10km/h (using the fact that I am 5'3 with short legs and pigeon toed as my excuse!)

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Hi NikkiJane

I only graduated a month ago, but since then I have done 3 weeks of stepping stones (5k+ podcast) interspersed with longer runs (30 minutes) to my own playlist. I began the speed podcast today. I'll do another stepping stone Friday and a playlist run on Sunday. After about 3 weeks of speed, when i shall have hopefully gained more strength and speed, I'll start on the dreaded stamina podcast. Once I have mastered that, I'll begin a c210k. Ad astra!


I graduated in the Summer but have lacked some focus since then, mainly due to holidays, injuries, not having a plan to follow, cold icy weather and dark nights. Have tried Stepping Stones, Stamina & Speed.

I am 45 and 5 ft and still can't run 5k in 30 mins (last Park Run 31 min 51Sec) but what I have learnt is that it is not that important. I also have just realised that I have been running all my runs at the same pace e.g. trying to get to the magical 5k in 30 mins - doing some internet research and reading a running magazine I now know that I should mix up my runs some longer slow runs (and they are a lot slower), interval training, tempo work etc.

Have recently purchased a treadmill and last week I think I slightly over trained - slight lower back pain and could feel my right calf twinge last night, so have had another rest day.


I didnt have the new podcasts when I graduated so concentrated on getting to 5k, which took me to about 36 mins & another 5 or 6 weeks. even now I can only do it in 34mins.

once I was happy running 30mins & it was getting easier (doable without too much huffing & puffing) I needed a new goal & found the bridge to 10k program which is a 6 week program, which starts with 4x10min runs gradually building to running for the full 60mins, running 3 times a week.

if I were to do it now I think I would only do b210k once a week as a long run (as opposed to the 3 I did) along with a shorter 30min/5k run & another run to build on hill running or speed intervals.

not long now til you graduate :) good luck with the rest of the plan. shelley x


I use various types of runs to keep my momentum going. I graduated in April

sometimes just run for fun usually about 40 mins to my own playlist.

Working in the B210k but only doing one long run a week. Longest was run 12.1km

Have used the speed podcast several times.

Last week I popped on week 9 of the C25k just for a change and enjoyed that

Took part in the Race for Life one month after graduating.

there is loads of options.


All the above ideas - I was doing two runs a week with 5K+ podcasts and one with my own music till I injured my knees.

Another good thing is a device to track your runs if you're not doing this already. I've got a Garmin for outside runs, and in the gym here you can record your stats from the cross-trainer and treadmill onto a stick and then keep them in your pc - gives you a place where you can see exactly what you've done and when.

Good luck for the rest of the programme :-)


I'm doing around 2.8 miles in 30 mins, so my first target is to get to the magic 3.1miles/5k in 30 mins. Having just re-used the week 9 podcast for the past three weeks or so, I tried Stepping Stones last night, and managed to complete it, although it was the hardest run I've done in a while! :) I'll probably try another of the 5K+ podcasts tomorrow - and hopefully run outdoors, too, to enjoy the frosty whiteness!


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