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Week9 Run 3 c25k completed!!!


I'm absolutely over the moon to say I have completed the last run of week 9 and c25k! I went out tonight at 3:45 drove to the usual spot and realised I'd forgotten my earphones. Not fancying running just listening to my breathing I went back home to get them. It was starting to come in dark when I got back but there was no way I was putting this off for another day so off I set and completed the run slow and steady. I have no idea how far I ran as I also forgot my pedometer but it was about the same as last time.

I can't quite believe that just a few weeks ago I was really struggling to run for 60 seconds at a time and now I can run quite comfortably for 30 minutes (although the first five minutes is still the hardest). I'm chuffed to bits I'm a graduate lol!

Stumbling across the c25k programme and this forum has been the best thing I've done in a long time. Suffering from depression for quite a few years, it has really boosted my confidence in myself and I feel so much better.

Thank you to everyone who advised me, encouraged me and supported me (trying to keep up with lee337 and africanali too lol) you've all been fab and I couldn't have done it without you guys and this forum!

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Well done! It is a great and unbelievable achievement for most of us. I am glad it has made you feel so much better. Happy running.

debzeGraduate in reply to RM2016

Thank you! It does feel quite unbelievable but great :)


Congratulations ! Have you applied for your graduate badge which you can get from one of the pinned posts? It's a great feeling to finish the programme , well done!

debzeGraduate in reply to Inspiredmum

Thank you..popping over there now to ask for a badge lol :)


Congratulations!! You sound so proud and you deserve to be. C25k and the forum really are the best things ever, aren't they?! :) Don't forget to ask for your shiny new graduation badge!

debzeGraduate in reply to melly4012

Thank you and yes this forum is amazing! :)


Congratulations on graduating! What a great programme and a great forum too! By the way, re that first 5 mins being the hardest - I graduating over a year ago now...and that first 5 mins is STILL the hardest!! Good luck with the next stage of your running journey🙂!

debzeGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you, yep in the first five minutes there is a little incline in my route too which doesn't help lol. I'm going to focus on speed next I think and definitely keep this up


Congratulations! Enjoy that amazing feeling and start to plan lots of lovely new running adventures

debzeGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you! and yep I will do :)

Congratulations debze. 🎉🎉🎉

Just right for some lovely running chrissy presents as your reward. The badge looks great on a new running top...😉

Well done on a great graduation run. You DID IT.. xx

debzeGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks so much! I'm going to order one of those pin badges that you can wear too :) xx


Well done debze this is really great news! You star ⭐️ I bet you're feeling over the moon! You have every right to feel that way! Enjoy your graduation 🎓, so pleased for you! 👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🎓🎓😊😊

debzeGraduate in reply to Flossie22

Thank you so much! I never thought I'd do it when i started lol but it's such a good programme and everyones support is amazing :) x

Well done debze. I'm so excited for you. Its been so good to read your posts and both you and Lee337 have given me encouragement to keep going, and now encouragement to know that it is possible to finish. I'm a bit stuck on week 7 at the moment, and have now started on the treadmill, but still having a bit of dizziness, but your success will spur me on. Thanks and congratulations again.

debzeGraduate in reply to africanali

Aw thank you! You will definitely get there. I never thought I'd do it but I did and you will too. You're not far off now and have completed longer runs non stop. My treadmill still hasn't arrived yet but I imagine it will be quite different to outside running. I'm looking forward to reading your post to say you've graduated too ! Keep going :) x


Yeah well done! Enjoy your achievement. 👏🎉👍

debzeGraduate in reply to Davoda

Cheers! :)

Congratulations - I can't wait to do my 3rd run of this week and graduate. Well done you. :-)

debzeGraduate in reply to Razouski

Thank you! and I'm look forward to reading your graduation post :)


Congratulations! Enjoy your well deserved graduate badge. Don't forget to tell us about your running now you have graduated.

debzeGraduate in reply to orchards

Thank you so much! and I will do :) planning on keeping this running up and getting faster and further lol


Woohoo!! Well done you. :)

debzeGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

Thank you :)


O fantastic well done you🌟🏃👍🎓welcome to the graduates!!! The worlds your oyster with loads of running routes waiting for you 😊😊x

debzeGraduate in reply to Pc59

Thank you! :) x


Absolutely Delighted! for you :) Well done Graduate :)

debzeGraduate in reply to Irish-John

Thank you! :)



debzeGraduate in reply to Shivani05

Thank you :)

Outstanding. Ive been toying with the idea of trying this in the new year. Well done Debz.

debzeGraduate in reply to mightycee79

Thank you! Honestly this programme is so good I really couldn't run for more than 60 seconds at the beginning without struggling for breath and feeling like I was going to collapse. I hope you don't mind but I noticed on your profile you have depression too, this plan has really helped with mine. It's boosted my confidence so much and I feel tons better. I'd whole heartedly recommend starting the plan and the members on this forum are so supportive and encouraging too.

Go for it! ;)


Congratulations and enjoy your success. You have clearly been very determined to succeed and overcome the everyday things that get in the way. Well done .

debzeGraduate in reply to Lon70

Thank you! I'm over the moon :)


Congratulations! It's a great feeling!

debzeGraduate in reply to tortoisegirl

It certainly is, thank you



debzeGraduate in reply to Von99

Thank you! :)


Congrats! That is great! Like you I find the first five minutes hard going. I wonder why that is? Anyway, it doesn't stop me from going out. I'm now on Bridge to 10K (week 1), having graduated a couple of weeks ago. Today is 4x10 mins and I didn't think I could do it buttress what I can. Whatever you decide to do next, enjoy it!

debzeGraduate in reply to Hidden

It's strange isn't it? maybe it's because we aren't properly warmed up..I'm not sure lol Congrats on your graduation too and on starting Bridge to 10K. I think I'll do a couple more weeks of 30 minutes three times a week then start on that one too :)


Brilliant, well done! Enjoy your celebrations! Keep running graduate🎓🍾🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏼😀

debzeGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you and I will! :)


Congratulations and well done for completing these last weeks despite the cold and darkness. You can be proud of your success!

debzeGraduate in reply to Plumness

Thank you :)


Fabulous - well done! I've just gone Wk9 R3 to go, which I plan to do tomorrow morning before dragging hubbie out to buy me new running shoes for Christmas! ;-)

If you haven't already, check out the 5K + podcasts. I've already done one, as last night I didn't have time to do 40 mins, so I did the Speed 5K+ podcast (26mins) and really enjoyed it.

debzeGraduate in reply to CanicrossK

Ooh good luck for tomorrow! :) I'll have a look at those, cheers! I certainly don't want to go back to ever being on the couch lol

Well done Debze, doesn't it feel great and I have to say 2 months on from graduating I still feel a proud of myself for completing it and continuing. That first five mins still isn't any easier tho! Glass of champers to celebrate 😄🍾🍸

debzeGraduate in reply to Homegroundrunner

It's such an amazing feeling isn't it? I think some red wine tonight to celebrate lol

I'm new here and just wanted to say Congratulations! What an amazing acheivement! Your post has inspired me to take control and get my running shoes on 😀

debzeGraduate in reply to Nataliel

Definitely go for it. It's the best way to get running and this community is amazing , so supportive and inspiring and really motivated me to complete it.. and thank you!


Congratulations Debze - great achievement and springboard to other whatever you want to do with running, coz your a runner now. Here's to your next step(s) what ever they may be. :-)... I'm not there yet but will be in a week or so...

debzeGraduate in reply to OndaC33

Thank you and good luck with your last couple of weeks. I'll look forward to your graduation post


Ah, I've just managed to get online and what do I see? 👀

Absolutely brilliant news debze you did it! 👍

I'm so glad you finally have caught up with me at last. I wasn't waiting around, honest! ;)

I had been looking forward to this post of yours. Now I really hope you can still find time to keep up the running and improve your fitness and state of mind even more. I must be honest and say I've really been struggling since finally stumbling over the finishing line last Saturday. I'm still waiting for my treadmill to be delivered and I'm hoping it will make it easier for me as I will be able to jump on that whenever I can find a few spare minutes! :D

What are your plans for the future? x

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

Thank you Lee337! :) I'm over the moon and still buzzing lol. I'm determined to keep up with running. My treadmill hasn't arrived yet either, it was meant to arrive on Monday but I'm still waiting. I love running outside but as we go into the winter nights it'll be ideal for getting a run in when it's too icy or dark.

I think for the next couple of weeks I'll do the 30 minutes three times a week, try to get my distance up to 5K even if it takes me a lot longer than 30 minutes, and then maybe start the bridge to 10K, I will check out the other podcasts too..the stepping stones etc.

It's an amazing feeling isn't it..completing this programme and I definitely don't want to go back to the couch lol :) x

Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

No you definitely don't want to waste all that hard work and go back to your couch now! I'm sure you will do the 5k on your next run as it's not that much more than you're covering at the moment. If I recall, you were covering more distance than me on the C25K and my final run was 3.81km. I managed to get out today and do my very first run as a graduate and I ended up doing my first 5km. It did take (just under) 40 minutes though! :D

I wonder if you got your treadmill from the same company as I did because mine has been delayed again? I did get an email saying it had been dispatched last week, but then on Tuesday afternoon (the day it should've arrived) I received an email stating the container had only just arrived at Southampton dock and still needs transferring to their warehouse in Norwich before finally getting sent out to me! I was not best pleased with that email as you can imagine, especially after getting that 'dispatched' email last week!

All the best with your new running regime. :) x

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

I didn't get the same treadmill as the dispatch date was well into December so I ordered one from ebay on a two day delivery slot. Unfortunately it still hadn't arrived despite a week of promised deliveries. It was supposed to come today but at the last minute they emailed the seller to say they couldn't find it. So... it's back to searching again . For now I'm still running outside lol and hoping to run for longer next time :) x

Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

I always buy most of my products on Amazon, but this treadmill I ordered was from ebay, as it was a better deal that couldn't be beaten anywhere else. I've actually had them phone me up twice today (but I missed their calls) and then I had an email from them saying they are really sorry for all the delays and they have refunded me the cost of the delivery which was £9.99p. They are now expecting it to get delivered next week sometime. Oh well, we will see.

I will post some photos when I finally get it so you can see what mine looks like all set up. x

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

That would be brilliant. It must be this time of year with failed deliveries. I have another one on order now which was supposed to be delivered last Thursday..then had an email to say the van with the container had broken down. Now it's going to be delivered Tuesday...hopefully! Can't wait to get back running again :)

I'm really struggling to get out at the mo, it's dark by 3.30 pm and I'm working this Sunday too. x

Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

It sounds like we have ordered treadmills from the same company! :o

Yeah, I also struggle to get out running too because working through the night, I finish in the morning and get home, go to bed, then by the time I wake up, it's either dark or just starting to get dark. It's a good job I wasn't actually working when I first got into the C25K plan or I never would've got this far! lol

I am working again tonight and even starting earlier than I normally do, so will be setting off at 8:30pm tonight (in half an hour!) but luckily I managed to get a quick run in yesterday afternoon (just as it was getting dark). It was only a 30 minute run, and I only covered 3.8k according to MapMyRun (which I decided to try out for the first time) but that's far better than nothing. I can't always improve on my times and distances I guess.

Hopefully you will manage to get a run in tomorrow before you get ready for work. If not, we will require a very good excuse young lady! Ok? ;) x

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

haha well it's not really an excuse....but.... I start work at 8am and as I struggle with early morning runs..a run at 6.30 am isn't very appealing! lol

I do like the "young lady" bit though lol ... I wish! ;) and good for you getting a run in between work .. 3.8k is excellent! :) x

Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

lol Yeah, I'm with you on not finding a 06:30am run very appealing. Those people who enjoy running at that time can keep it! :D

Thanks for the comment on my 3.8k run. Yeah, I know it wasn't as far as my previous run but I guess any run is a good run, right?

Don't worry about the age there debze. It doesn't matter what age you are, as long as you still look young (which you do), that's all that matters. :) Oh and hey, you're as young as ya feel ya know! ;) x

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

haha that made me smile thank you! :) day off tomorrow and looking forward to doing a run...wow I didn't ever think I'd say i'm actually missing running when I can't get out lol x


That's brilliant! Well done you! I've got 2 more runs in Wk9 left, really want to do it but Christmas work meals getting in the way haha. Like you I struggled to run for a few seconds and can't believe how far I've come, it's a brilliant program. Good luck with your future running - doesn't it make you feel good !

debzeGraduate in reply to Lessofme

It really does make you feel good and the programme eases you into it so gently and it really works.

Good luck with your next two runs! Look forward to reading you've graduated! :)

and thank you too


Well done, that's fantastic :) I'm right behind you!

debzeGraduate in reply to loisamelia

Yay!!! good luck on completing it :)

loisameliaGraduate in reply to debze

One to go!!!

debze apologies have not been on here for a bit and been waiting on ur post well done . We'll keep running africanali is on our tails 🍀🍀

debzeGraduate in reply to Cuig1975

aw thank you! yep gotta keep running! and i'm looking forward to africanali's graduation post :)

Well done debze and the other new graduates. I am a 'lapsed' C25k. I completed a number of years ago and continued on to doing 12 mile runs. Felt great but then time pressures increased and motivation dropped. I eventually stopped running a couple of years ago and went back to 'my old ways'.

However I found this blog and reading it has really motivated me to go back and start again from scratch. So tomorrow once I get home from Christmas I will start week one. Wish me luck!



I think that's fantastic that you carried on with the running for several years after graduating, especially with 12 mile runs. I hope I continue with running and being motivated enough. It is harder without the podcasts to run along to, the encouragement really spurred me on. I still listen to the week 9 podcast with my own music to get me motivated but this time of year it's harder to get time to run with the dark nights. At the minute I'm persevering on my treadmill. My next goal is to achieve 5k.

Good luck on your first run tomorrow! This is an amazing programme with plenty of supportive members in the group who will spur you on.

I'm now following you and look forward to reading about your progress :) x

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