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Please share your post-C25K running plans


I graduated last week and have stagnated a bit and not run this week, apart from yesterday, and I think the reason is that I am not loving consistently doing longer runs (i.e. 30 mins) and not finding it very interesting. I am supposed to be doing the One Hour Runner bridge to 10K, but the first 3 weeks of that are to run for 30 mins 3 times a week, and I just can't face the monotony!

For my run yesterday, I tried doing week 1 again (as someone suggested on another thread) and sprinted the running bits and walked the walk bits (intended to jog but was too shattered!) It was good to have the variety. So I am now wondering if I could design my own running programme that would build up my distance and speed but also mix it up a lot. I have seen another bridge to 10K programme where you go back to running in two blocks with a minute or two in between, and while I kind of like the idea, I don't have enough time to build up my runs in that way, because I don't have time to do 40 or 50 minute runs during the week - only at weekends, which was the beauty of the One Hour Runner programme, because it had a longer run once a week, 30 mins once a week, and then 28-40 mins or similar once a week.

I am wondering if I could do one run a week that was working on sprinting for intervals, one run that was broken up into two bits and one run that was just a long run, as I don't want to get out of the habit of running continuously for 30 minutes or more. What have other people done? It had never really occurred to me until yesterday that I could design my own programme, so I am now pondering the possibilities! Thanks!

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I just ran for as long as I could for a few weeks, but then signed up to a 10k to focus me, and downloaded a personalised running plan from Runner's World website. This has built up the distance I run each week, and then after a few weeks added in tempo and intervals. Challenging!


I am short of time for longer runs in the week so I am doing 9 weeks of the following,

run 1 30 mins wk 9 steady run

run 2 wk 1 podcast used as run/jog intervals

run 3 5k however long it takes, plus run/jog the 2k back home gradually building up to running the whole 7k of my route.

At the end I should be able to run further and faster than I can at the moment

When the new podcasts are out I will see how they fit into this

It is better to do a mix of runs anyway apparently, rather than always doing 30 minutes x3 at an easy pace. There are lots of runnng websites with information about the differnet types of run you can do. I personally found the website useful for training and running explanations.

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Thanks - off to check this out!


I was mulling over this same issue today as I hopefully graduate this week.

I had decided I wanted to try and improve on my up hill running which I have real issues with which are slowing me down.

So I'm going to use either week 1 or week 2 of C25K pick a steep hilly area (away from prying eyes) and run up and down for 30 minutes or until I run out of steam. I'll do this twice a week and a 5K once. Well thats the plan anyway, only time will tell if it happens. I would like to think with this training I should be able to improve on my 5K times.


I've got the bridge to 10k app, it works the same as the c25k did but you get to use your own music!! run 1 starts with 4 x 10 minutes runs with 1 minute walk intervals. its a 6 week programme and ends on week 6 with a 60 minute run.

I found it tough to begin with so increased the walk time by another minute each interval and that worked for me.


I ran til I could get to 5k initially after finishing c25k, then once I felt I needed a challenge did the bridge to 10k plan, the one with music.

I did start a 10mile plan but stopped once Id got to 8 miles as I moved my running outside & decided to concentrate on that. the plan I used was a Bupa plan but they do lots of plans. some for beginners (3 times a week) & some for intermediate (4 times a week) which concentrate on improving speed for better race times.

if you fancy having a look there are plans for 5k, 10k, 10mile & half marathon.

the site also has lots of info about running & is great for new runners. anyway if you fancy a peek here is the link



I graduated about 8 weeks ago and I'm now training towards a 10k in a few weeks and eventually a half marathon in September. My plan at the moment consists of 2 x 5k runs, 1 x 20-30min fartlek/interval run and 1 x long run (which increases in distance each week by about 10%). I have a spreadsheet and everything which I have stuck to my bedroom wall so I can tick off each week as I go along...geeky I know!

I think it's really up to you, if you only have time for a longer run at the weekends then work your plan around that. As long as your getting out there at least 3 times a week and increasing your time/distance each week then you can't go too wrong.

Good luck :)


Mixing it up a bit is the best way (for me) to keep the runs interesting. The idea of one fartlek run, one 5km(ish) run and the B210K as a long run each week is great, just try it out for a while & you'll find out what works for you.

I graduated in March, spent a few weeks running 5km and using Endomondo to try to speed myself up, then started the B210K app, but only doing 1 or 2 runs of it a week.

And is there anyone else you can run with? Running with a friend really helped to speed me up & motivate me on the longer runs.

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