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After C25K

Hi I have just finished couch to 5k and I'm running 5k in about 34 minuets or running 4.5k-ish in 30 minuets depending how well the run went!

I have loved the structure of the podcasts though and still don't think I could run for 5 mins without listening to the podcast though I need the structure!

So could anyone recommend a podcast or app (i have an iphone but yet to take kt out running as i need a holder) to carry on with? Ideally I would love to work ip uo 10k but realistically I don't have the time to run 3x60 mins a week but could mange a longer run once or twice a week....

Someone mentioned an app/podcast from but after spending a few hours trying to find it I can't....

Any plans anyone has followed would be great thanks:)

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Congratulations on graduating :)

There are a number of post 5k podcasts, there are the NHS 5k+ ones which can be found at there are also Bridge to 10k (B210K) which are not podcasts done by the NHS, but details can be found at

I'm doing my own thing post 5k and as for apps I use Zombie Run and Nike Running, I love Zombie Run as I find the story helps distract me from the pain of running :D and it also integrates with my own music playlists, so the story is padded out with my own music. As for Nike+ Running, I use it because I have the chips in my running shoes that communicate with app, I'm not sure if it works with none Nike+ Shoes or not.



Thanks for the help:) do you know the layout of any of those plans? What is zombie run what are the set out of the runs? Thanks again:)


The second link in the comment above is the B210K programme I'm following at the moment. It picks up where C25K left off, taking you back to intervals to build up to the 10K. Week 1 is four lots of 10 minutes, with a 1 minute walk after eaach one. Week 2 is 3 lots of 15 minutes, again with 1 minute walking. I think week 3 is 3 lots of 17 minutes, but as I'm about to start that week myself I couldn't swear to it (like with C25K, I'm making a point of not listening ahead :-) )

It's led by Samantha. She's not a patch on Laura in terms of the helpful encouragement, and sometimes her voice is very quiet, but at the end of the day, you know what she's going to say so that's not a massive issue. And I don't miss Laura's motivational comments as much as I thought - it's nice by this stage to just get in the zone. Oh, and the music is better. :-)


The plans are laid out on the pages I think for the NHS 5k+ I'm not sure about the B210k as I've not done it.

Zombie run you set the option for either a 30 minute (ish) run or 1 hour, then the missions last around that time, but even after you've completed the story based mission you can continue running because the story continues to include 2 DJ's who are at the base (without giving too much away) who broadcast a radio show to you, which uses the music from your playlist, very clever and effective the way it all works.


I absolutely love the zombies run app :) do you have the same problem where it doesnt shuffle your music though? I definitely recommend it though NeverthoughtIwouldrun :)

Rachel x


I've not tried the shuffle mode to be honest, I'll try it on my next run which won't be until Monday if my achilles tendon feels better by then.


I use my iPhone to run with. I have C25k free so don't listen to Laura, but the American lady who just tells me run-walk-done! B210k free is also in the App Store. You can use your own iTunes along with it and the music quiets for the prompts.

Depending on whether you're looking at distance or speed there are lots of apps available. Nike+ let's you plan your run, speed or time for example and with GPS tracks you which is nice to see. Trust your phone, it can multitask. I use C25k & Nike+ together whilst listening to my own music and it all works fine.

When I graduate -in 3 weeks!!! I want to try zombi runs, it sounds fun.


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