From couch to 5ks in 29 Runs, 116 ks, 880 minutes (14.6 hours) - Graduation Run: DONE DONE DONE!!!!

From couch to 5ks in 29 Runs, 116 ks, 880 minutes (14.6 hours) - Graduation Run: DONE DONE DONE!!!!

OMG peeps I did it! Me - who could barely manage 40 seconds when I started this - has just run Laura's last run in C25K - and since I was soooo close to that magical 5K I ran just past the 30 mins and did my 5K in 33.56 mins!!! It was a lovely early evening run along our seafront prom in the sunshine with another 'proper' runner friend who's also part of our secret Facebook group and who's been there with our group, giving advice, encouragement and cheering me on so I can do that special run with my daughter in August, so thank you to Sophie, and thank you to all you guys here in this lovely group too - you've all helped me achieve this (for me) remarkable achievement!! Roll on the real Central Park!!!


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  • Oooh nice! Jealous of you getting to run in Central Park, but it'll be hot in August!

  • Thanks LisaRose74, it sure is going to be hot - not sure how I'll cope with that :) The actual race starts at 8am - though I'm thinking that will be the 'elite' runners...hopefully we won't be too long starting after them...and they'll be lots of shade and water on offer? I'll be back and post an update after it's all over :0 xx

  • Congratulations! Graduation and 5 k all in one go.

    Your daughter is going to be so proud of you!

  • Thank you Ullyrunner - I'm a determined sort and once I've got the bit between my teeth..... :)

  • Woohooo congratulations πŸ˜€

    Great time too.

    You have to show us a pic of your daughters face when you surprise her with your running skills.

  • Thanks BObp - running with someone helped with the time AND running down the prom meant no roads to cross so no sneaky couple of seconds breaks waiting for traffic lights :) I'll be back with a pic of the surprise revealed! :)

  • Cannot wait..huge Congratulations!

  • Well done and congratulations, 5k and graduated, wow!.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thanks Monkey25 - I was determined they would both be mine! (laughs evilly :) )

  • Amazing! πŸΎπŸ†πŸ‘πŸŽˆ And a very good time too. You are much faster than me. You will definitely be ready for The Big One in Central Park in August!

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen, thanks very much, I was fast for this run but I think that was running with someone else and not 'giving' myself those couple of rest seconds when waiting to cross roads....Central Park still seems like a big ask but I'll be there! :)

  • Well done! Encouraging for us all on the way!

  • Thanks HilaryC - this site is brilliant, everyone's encouraged me so much and given so much great advice so it's definitely pay-it-forward :)

  • Yea huge congratulations.. well done and the 5k on brilliant form!! You smashed it!!! So pleased for you...

    You must be so excited about the day you get to reveal all your running skill with your daughter!!

    Fab. WTG you! X

  • Yeah thanks sparky66 - I love that saying! 'smashed it' hahahaha - that's what my running partner for this said too! Very excited about revealing all this to my daughter - I hope I can keep it together until then! :)

  • Such a tremendous feeling to get that 5k mark. Well done and I hope you celebrated in style.

    Plenty time to build up to 8k for August and that lovely surprise.

  • Thanks OldWheezer - I actually think I sounded just like your name at the end of that 5Ks ;) I'm not sure swigging enough water to fill an Olympic pool and watching Corro on my phone in a very deep bubble bath is terribly rock and roll but hey - worked for me ;)

  • Congratulations! great pace! you really are a runner and your surprise for your daughter will be a great moment :)

  • Ohhh aliboo70 now that sounds nice....'you really are a runner' heehee....can't wait to surprise my daughter with this, the secret keeping is killing me! :)

  • Very well done you and congratulations!

  • Thanks Spongecake7 (do you make them like me or eat them? ;) ) It was tough but worth the sweat - and there was a lot of that! x

  • Well done. I love reading about people's success. So inspiring.

  • Thank you OldPossum - and you're right, it's other people's success that's kept me at it - the encouragement from this site is brilliant :)

  • Superb, fantastic, well done, congratulations. All of the above and more. Wasn't feeling it today but am now. Thanks and good luck for August xx

  • Hey Ayupmeduck I'm glad it spurred you on...did you have a good run in the end? I'll be back at the end of August hopefully with good news and a picture of the reveal moment x

  • Had an amazing run thanks again xx

  • Congratulations. Well done you.

    Running with your daughter will be lovely (assuming she recovers from the surprise πŸ˜€).

  • Haha thanks AnnieW55 - you're right - my first thoughts are she's going to be rolling around on the floor laughing when I say 'I might join you for your run tomorow' - maybe when she's stopped laughing and I've shown her my little secret Facebook group and this site she'll take me seriously heehee! ;)

  • Great stuff!

  • Thank you pollyp1 :)

  • Congratulations - I must agree that such posts help us non believers who doubt we will ever graduate - thanks for sharing. πŸ‘

  • Totally agree with you Donkeywhistler - I really didn't think I could do this back when 40 seconds seemed like too much! How are you doing? :0

  • Just finished Wk4 so a bit anxious having read others' comments about Wk5 but hey ho - here we go...

  • Seriously Donkeywhistler...fear it and face it because if I can do this you can too! :)

  • Fabulous! Very well done!

  • Thanks Katie204 - everyone's been so supportive I'm still flying high :)

  • OOOOOh I've just noticed I've got my 'Graduate' badge already!!! Big wide smiley face here! :) :) :)

  • Congratulations both on your graduation AND that that great time for a 5k. Looks like you'll end up as one of the runners who achieve the mythical 30minute 5k :)

  • Ooooh AncientMum....thanks very much...hadn't thought about that and to be honest my time nearly killed me hahaha....I'll see how I fare at my first Park Run this weekend :) x

  • Yeay!!!!!!!!!!! Go you :)

  • Awwww thanks Oldfloss - it's still sinking in....I did it!! :)

  • You did and with real style😊

  • Ah , this is great !!! You did it !!!

    What a fantastic achievement, and your daughter will be gob smacked Ha ha :-D

    You set out to achieve this , and you did . Be very very proud of yourself !

    Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation xxx

  • Thank you poppypug - means a lot - I guess determination and having a really big goal and support really go a long way - 5Ks in fact heehee! Looking forward to and fearing Central Park and those 8Ks in equal measures now! :)

  • Congratulations! Great news!!

  • Thanks Als_Mum! How are you getting on? :)

  • Wow! This has really inspired me! I thought it would take me ages after graduation to get 5k but I'm in week 7 now and running at a similar pace so you've given me the motivation to push a touch harder to get the 5k in for graduation! Thanks!

  • Aww Lpcrudge that's such a wonderful thing to hear, thank you so much - this forum has been a godsend to me too - such encouragement and stories of people 'just like us' who've actually learnt to run now...never in my dreams did I think at the beginning of this could I ever do this...but here I am - so you go too and you'll crack that 5K - and boy that feeling of clocking up that first one...and more of them... :) :) :)

  • Yay! Well done :) :) Central Park will be amazing - so jealous and what a lovely surprise it will be for your daughter! Don't forget to keep us posted on how it goes :)

    I actually ran where you did in Cleethorpes last month - I looped around the swimming bathes and back through the lovely duck lake park area. Man, those geese are huge! One of them had a neck thicker than my arm! You're lucky to have such a nice place to run!

  • HAha yes they are scarey beasts! :)

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