B210K W2R2 - Completed... legs are feeling awesome again!

Just back from the 3x15 minute session of W2R2 of B210K. Including warm-up and cool down I covered around 8.5kms this morning on the flat in the 57 minute session (really hoping for a Garmin on Wednesday as MapMyRun GPS accuracy is AWFUL [it reckoned 9.7!])...

After W1R1 I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh by deciding it would be a great idea to "push really hard and sprint at the end" - it was the opposite of a great idea actually. Ever since then I've had a nagging "muscle pulled type ache" in my thigh that hurt more when I didn't run than when I did. It hurt more to walk than to run and the pain subsided the more I moved about. I ran through it on the last few runs (as it didn't get worse with running and I took it slow) but of course it hurt during rest days and was annoying me no end...

The great news is that today my legs felt AWESOME and although the last interval was tough, I was able to pace and get through it all without stopping at all today... and my legs post-run feel great! Slow and steady will win the race!

Happy running y'all...


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11 Replies

  • That's fab Aussie ! Tricky to decide about injuries and pains but it sounds like you did the right thing. Happy run indeed... And how nice to have awesome legs ..still waiting for mine :)

  • Glad you're feeling strong and awesome. But at the risk of repeating myself and sounding like bloomin' Cassandra prophesying doom, I would be really careful of those last two weeks in the B210k plan. In fact I will stick my neck on the line and say you are in danger of knackering yourself doing four 60-minute runs in fewer than 10 days - one a week is enough. You could actually try making the final long run 65 mins if you do want to push your stamina, but please seriously consider drastically shortening the other two runs in the final week (and also week 4). Looking at your progress and 5k stats so far I am in no doubt that you will easily nail that 10k race in under an hour, so you can afford to ease off, and please don't risk an injury.

  • I hear you TT - beyond anything else, those week on week runs might start getting boring... 4 hours of running in 10 days does sound a lot when you put it like that....

    I will seriously consider your proposal TT - right now it's okay at 45 mins running, but those super long runs one after the other don't look awfully welcoming...

    I suspect I'll start making up my own "mix it up" plan around week 4 anyway.. it just looks a bit boring from there on... :)

    AND - I need to get a Parkrun with you in somewhere! :)

  • You see, you know I am right! ;-)

  • That's great. I will finish week 2 tomorrow I have had the week off running. Wanted to go this morning but woke up late and it was already 25°C at 9am, so putting the alarm clock on for tomorrow morning.

  • I hear you - its warming up out there... Good luck!

  • The legs are still okay this morning... All ready for Run 3 tomorrow. Will it be a B210K run or a cheeky 5K or just a recovery run? Lets see.... :)

    Thanks for your advice folks...

  • Yes, me too! (Listening to TT and KK and Bazza) My calf stopped me finishing my run, and the thought of 3 x 50 minute runs a week was starting to sound like torture. So I am doing just 1 longer run and 2 short ones a week. I'm so glad that you are not on the injury couch, but we don't want you joining us next week as there's no room, and someone has eaten all my walnut whips! Have a great weekend :)

  • No offence but I'll just stand up away from the couch and run slowly away thanks... :)

  • So - I'm aiming to do 8K tomorrow (or 45 mins) and then concentrate on doing some shorter runs during the week (a cheeky 5K/30 mins and a slightly longer 40 min run)... I am ditching the intervals (they annoy me anyway), then I am going to be increasing the long run slowly, slowly... I'll let ya'll know how I get on...

  • Good luck to your OH... I may have printed out the BUPA plan after my support crew here provided advice... :)

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